Sunday, 20 January 2013

Project 52: Week 3 - Hats

I had big plans for my photos this week, which I didn't really achieve. I'd been hoping that with the theme Hats I might be able to get some portrait type photos (of either myself or of other people). But it's been dark and using the flash makes people look a bit weird (highlighting any imperfections on their skin). So I stuck to still life photos instead.

When we went to Ikea a few months back we got a funky coat stand for our front lobby, it's got these swirly bits on top which is where I keep some of my hat collection. I'm a bit of a fan of hats. I like knitting them, because they're usually quick and easy and you can watch TV while you're doing them. I like wearing them, because I have long hair and live in Scotland and sometimes it's the best way to keep everything under control. Plus they keep your head warm, which is a bit of an added bonus.

Week 3: Hats

I like the way this one turned out because it's a really good idea of what our coat stand has been looking like in this cold and wet weather. You come in, strip off the waterproofs or jacket or whatever and dump them on the stand (which is so much better than hanging them off doors, dumping them on the bed/spare bedroom floor, etc. as we'd been slightly in the habit of doing before we got it). I'm fairly certain that I took this one just after I'd come in with the dog and I'd been wearing the stripey pink hat, hence it's jaunty angle.

The orange stripey on belongs to Mr Click, he got it the day we got Tara because he'd not got a hat and had been having trouble with his ears at the time. It's lovely and thick and warm and I've sort of adopted it as my own because it keeps my ears warm. It's a wee bit too big for me so the corners at the top stick up which makes me look like a cat or something as well.

Just underneath that is a hat that I knitted, following a pattern from Charmed Knits for a beret. I was going to do it in Gryffindor colours, but I didn't have the right shade of yellow so in the end I did it just in red, at some point I will use the matching pattern to my a Slytherin beanie (though according to Pottermore I'm a Ravenclaw, which would agree with, hehe).

When I realised that portrait shots weren't really going to work for me I had an idea to get all of my hats out and take a photo of them spread out rainbow style, but I just never really found a good way to do it, so in the end stuck with this simple photo. It seems like the BBC themes knew that I'd missed the opportunity to take the sort of photo I was wanting to, because in a couple of weeks the theme will be self portrait.

Of course the weather has been hat sort of weather, though we've not had any of the snow that the rest of the country has had. I have to admit, I'm a little bit disappointed. This weekend would've been the perfect time to have a good snowy day. There's a hint of snow forecast for tomorrow and Tuesday, but I think it'll be sleet more than snow, which is a shame because I'd love to see how Tara reacts to it.

And the next photo theme is ice which might not be too easy. We've had cold weather but it's been cold and crisp, without any ice at all. But I suppose that's the point of these challenges, coming up with something that fits the theme, even when you've not got a clue what you could use!

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