Saturday, 30 December 2017

34 Weeks Pregnant

Hope everyone's suitably recovered from Christmas. :-)

Yesterday I hit 34 weeks pregnant which feels like one of the final milestones before the big day.

These milestones have really helped keep me going through the pregnancy, particularly in the beginning when things were so rough. First there was the viability scan at roughly 8 weeks, then the 12 week scan (after twelve weeks the chance of miscarriage drastically reduces) when we officially announced what most people already knew, then 14 weeks when I was officially into the second trimester, 16 weeks (actually 17 weeks in my case) when we heard the heartbeat on the doppler, then 20 weeks for the next scan (and prospect of finding out just who might be in there), 24 weeks for viability (after which if the worst happened then they would attempt to treat the baby), 28 weeks for the third trimester starting, and now this week, where Baby Bo could come any time and although he'd be classed as preterm, he's mostly done baking and the risk of problems dramatically reduces again.

These milestone weeks have been like little stepping stones for me through the last almost eight months. I guess the next one will be in three weeks time when I hit 37 weeks at which point Baby Bo can basically come at will. Except we're kind of hoping he doesn't since I'm due to be induced and him waiting until my induction date will reduce the odds of needing to take a helicopter to the hospital! I'm well aware of the fact it cost the NHS somewhere in the region of £5000 to get him in there, I'd feel kind of guilty about costing them another £5000 to get us to the hospital to get him out!

Our Christmas was lovely; quiet and simple, just what I needed this year. I got far too used to having afternoon naps the last few days which I was slightly worried about for going back to work post-Christmas. It was all okay though. I'm still feeling really tired come mid-afternoon/evening time and the insomnia has ramped up another notch so I'm lying awake for several hours most nights which is obviously contributing.

I seem to have got a handle on those low blood sugar dips though (probably helped by the copious amounts of Christmas treats floating around at work). Since my midwife appointment two weeks ago, Mr Click is being most fastidious about making sure I'm eating regularly and I'm doing my best to just graze continually through the day. This may be a difficult habit to break once Baby Bo arrives.

Speaking of Baby Bo, as you can see above, he's growing at an alarming rate. I'm beginning to wonder if he might turn out to be some sort of giant baby. He seems to be everywhere at once in there!

As far as I can tell, he's still head down, his back is positioned up the right hand side of my bump, with his bony little butt just under my ribcage on that side (apart from when he stretches when it'll vary from sticking out my right side, up into the ribs, ouch, or directly up the top of my bump). His feet are off to my left and can be anywhere from the middle of my left hand side to right into my ribcage. Sometimes when a little foot sticks out I tickle it by tapping my fingers on it and it shoots back in again. Sometimes it'll pop back out a moment later like he's playing a game with me.

He also responds to me when I sing along to music. Poor kid. I think he's telling me to shut up. I sincerely hope he inherits his dad's musical talents! He does seem to enjoy music though, especially stuff with a good beat.

Still hates the hand drier at work though and the fire alarm. I'm clearly an evil mummy already because I think it's adorable when I feel him startle in there. I'll enjoy it now because it'll be less enjoyable when these noises set him crying in a few weeks time!

Aside from Christmas, one of my favourite moments this week was when Mr Click woke up for the loo roughly an hour before the alarm went off. Of course then I was bursting as well, so once we were settled back in bed, we snuggled up and chatted for a while. His arm was resting across my belly and for the next hour Bo played a game that could probably be called 'kick daddy out my way'. He was having a proper little party in there. And as I've said before, he hates people invading his space!

It was just a lovely moment between the three of us and I'm looking forward to many more early morning cuddles with my boys in the weeks and months to come.


  1. You look wonderful!!! Sounds like your little guy is very active. Get your rest now :)

    1. Thank you. :)

      He has busy days and quiet days, but he likes his early morning wriggles. I think we might have a night owl on our hands!


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