Monday, 19 December 2016

Crossing Over to the Other Side

Of the camera that is.

I let Mr Click take over the camera a few weeks ago and it got me thinking about something I've been toying with for a little while.

I'm thinking about dipping my toe into the waters of vlogging.

In the past I never really watched vlogs because we didn't have the data allowance for it on our phones. And even if we'd had the data allowance for it, the connection speed was awful and you'd spend half an hour watching it buffer.

Now that we have proper internet at home, and we'e got a rough date for our next round of IVF/ICSI treatment, I've been hunting out IVF vlogs on YouTube. The problem is, many of them are years and years old. Of course, I'm thrilled to see so many couples having followed up their videos with pregnancy vlogs and little clips of their families.

It's a little like the feeling I got when I was looking at blogs back when we started our 'journey'. There's so many blogs which simply aren't updated any more, that are interesting but irrelevant because they're from someone in a different part of the world where the procedures are significantly different to over here, or which have moved past that stage of the treatment.

My way to counteract that way back when was to start a blog of my own.

And now I'm feeling a similar pull towards vlogging.

I had a little play with my camera and tripod yesterday afternoon and I think I might be able to do it. So at some point in the next few weeks I'm hoping to get a video up.

Why am I telling you this?

Because if I tell you I'm going to do it, then I'm kind of holding myself to it.

Are there any vlogs that you enjoy watching?


  1. I don't watch much video online. If I'm watching something, I'm knitting, and it's awkward to do that with my current setup. Maybe one of these days I'll upgrade my system.

    1. I never used to be able to watch video on my mobile so I think a lot of it is sort of novelty value. I like to listen to a video if I can't get to sleep at night as well.

  2. I used to watch a couple of vlogs but they don't update anymore and I haven't found any more that held my attention so now it's just blogs. Good luck with the vlog.

    1. Thanks, I'll be sure to share it on here if and when I get it off the ground.

      Most of the ones I'm watching at the moment are two or three years old. I'm not having much luck finding the specific stuff I'm actually wanting to watch.


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