Wednesday, 7 December 2016


... the fact that I've got a Sunday in the middle of the week this week.

I booked the day off work tomorrow because we had something on which was cancelled. Mr Click called me at work this afternoon so I could cancel the holiday if I wanted to.

I may have laughed down the phone at him.

Well, I'm running out of days to use up my holiday hours and they're not transferable to next year so I decided against cancelling the holiday in favour of having a lie-in and getting caught up on some bits and pieces I want to get done.

... like knitting again.

I've kind of been off knitting for a while. I've picked up and set down more projects than I care to think about recently. I'll get them all picked up and finished in the new year but nothing's really been capturing me much.

I guess it's because Bertie Bloomer was such a big project and he turned out so well that nothing else is comparing to him in the same sort of scale.

But on Sunday I stayed home to work on Mr Click's anniversary present (which I can't mention here right now because he mustn't see it til our anniversary on Christmas Eve). When I'd finished I decided to go onto a project from my knitting magazine which had captured my imagination.

It's actually designed to be a little hat which sits on top of a regular headband for Christmas, but I've been looking for fun ways to decorate my phone headset at work for ages. I was thinking about knitting some little horns and animal ears to sew on, perhaps rotating through them each month. Well this just seemed too perfect to turn down:

I was going to make an excuse here about my messy hair, since I'd not brushed it or anything before taking this picture, but let's face it, this is pretty much how I look most of the time!

It's also just balanced on my head here. I took it to work and before I clocked in, spend a while attaching to to the headset. It took a while to get it on properly, so I'm not looking forward to trying to get it off because I don't want to run the bottom of it. This'll be coming out again next year.

I'm also pretty pleased that everyone at work just accepts how quirky I am now. No one bats an eyelid when they walk in and see me wearing a headset with a Santa hat perched on the top of it. That's what belonging feels like, hehe.

... to get in touch with the hospital.

There's a blog point in this sometime but suffice to say, I called back last Thursday to try and schedule treatment for February and I've been chasing my tail since then. Thank goodness for holidays since I'm planning on spending most of the day phoning the hospital tomorrow.

I'll let you know how that works out!


  1. Yes! Taking a day off just because is a good thing. Glad you don't have to go out.

    Okay, I need a Santa hat for a headband. That would be perfect!

    1. It was a lovely day with the family and I got in a couple of walks with Tara. It was nice being able to go just when I felt like it, not because that was when I could squeeze it in between other commitments.

      The pattern was in a knitting magazine I get called Simply Knitting. It's on Ravelry as Merry Maker but I'm not sure if the pattern is up there. You could probably adapt a Santa hat pattern for a toy, it's stuffed and has a disc of cardboard in the bottom to help it keep its shape.

      If you do knit one, please come back and share it. :-)


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