Wednesday, 22 February 2017


... Ernie!

Yup. It's another clown.

This one called Young Ernie and he's slightly shorter than our friend Bertie (who measured about 22 inches from the bottom of his feet to the tip of his mushrooms). Ernie's due to come in at around 18 inches.

Ernie is a One-Clown Band so I'm hoping he'll turn out as well as Bertie. If he comes out looking good I'll be offering him to the local community band to help raise funds for their planned trip to Germany next year.

... some yellow yarn.

You see the yellow I used on Bertie's hair and top. Well, I've only got a small amount of it left, probably just enough for Ernie's hair, but not for the drum he's carrying on his back (which you can't see in the pattern picture above). I wasn't sure exactly which colour I needed because it's hard to tell on the computer screen. I've hedged my bets and just ordered two different shades so I can pick and choose.

... to sort out my yarn cupboard.

Our downstairs cupboard is home to the Christmas tree, Mr Click's records, the downstairs vacuum cleaner (yes, our tiny cottage has a downstairs vacuum and an upstairs one), some steps, and boxes and bags, and piles of knitting supplies. It's actually taken over all of the other stuff we store in there and it's desperately in need of reorganising.

Case in point: a few months ago I ordered some very nice grey yarn (it was actually when I was working on Bertie up there), it arrived and I went to put it away, only to discover another two or three balls of grey yarn at the bottom of a box I'd forgotten about. Oops.

Other little jobs which are currently on the cards: reorganising the DVD/blu-ray shelves and cupboard, rearranging my bookshelves (I've gotten a lot of new books in the last few months and they're all slotted in all over the place with no order to them at all) and reorganising some of the stuff in the spare bedroom now the rat cage is no longer in there.

... a duvet day.

On Saturday I fully intend to spend as much of the day in bed as possible! Last week I was recovering from the egg retrieval op and wanted to be as near to the phone as I could in case the hospital phoned with an update on the embryos, so there was no long lie in for us.

I've lined up a list of activities which can be done from my station in bed; reading, letter writing, bullet journalling, colouring in, blogging. I've planned meals and selected viewing material. It's going to be an awesome day.

Are you busy crafting anything at the moment?


  1. At the moment I'm crocheting another jellyfish. And deciding what to make next. Good luck with Young Ernie.

    1. Thank you. Hope the jellyfish is coming along well. They look really cute. :-)


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