Saturday, 4 February 2017

IVF #3: Vlog #4 - Baseline Scan & Meds

I know I've already blogged about Wednesday's hospital appointment, but I did also record a video when I got home. I've spent all day getting it uploaded to YouTube.

In this video I talk about how the hospital appointment went and show off the big bag of meds which I picked up while I was there.

This evening I switched out one of the Menopur injections for a Cetrotide, as instructed. Boy, that's an involved process. I suspect that may feature on an upcoming blog or vlog!


  1. I am so impressed by your vlog and yes you did look rather tired but no wonder! You come over amazingly well and once again I think you are so brave for putting yourself out there to help others and be a support network for those going through it by telling "everything" about it. I wish you and Mr. Click every success and I will be sending good vibes your way. I had no idea what was actually involved with all those drugs and the "appointments" and when I think one of my really good friends went through this 18 years ago and obviously felt she couldn't tell me and I therefore couldn't support her as much as I could, I feel really bad. On the very positive note both of her boys headed off to uni this autumn so it did all end very well :) Take care of yourself and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for Wednesday.
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

    1. Thank you. :-)

      I'm really pleased that you're finding it interesting. I'm learning that so many people have had a friend or family member go through the process but don't really know a lot about what's involved so it feels good to be able to share my side of things.

      And I'm sure you were a great support to your friend during her treatment. Different people react to these things in different ways and for some people it might be easier to withdraw a little rather than share everything. It's great that she had a positive outcome to her treatment. :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing what you're going through.

    1. You're welcome. Glad you found it interesting. :-)


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