Wednesday, 1 March 2017


... in laundry.

My pets are out to get me.

I've got a fairly good laundry routine but since I spent last weekend actually dying, there wasn't a huge amount of laundry done. Mr Click helpfully put on a load for us on Sunday and so we started to claw back control. Until Monday when Fezziwig helpfully threw a spanner in the works.

I let the Mischief run around the bathroom while I shower. It's a fairly well-contained room so they can run and play and chase to their hearts' content and I don't have to worry about losing anyone. Except Fezziwig has learned to climb. A couple of weeks ago he ended up on top of the toilet cistern!

While I was in the shower, he decided to jump up on top of the toilet brush and holder. It wobbled for a fraction of a second, I realised what he was doing, barked at him just as it started to topple then Fez, the container and the loo brush fell over. We keep some bleachy water in the bottom of our toilet brush so that promptly spilled out all over the floor where four crazy rats (who were just recently introduced to the Fishing For Peas game) were having a ball.

I flew out of the shower, dripping all over the floor, fending off ratbags from the rapidly moving puddle and grabbing a wadge of toilet paper to mop it up. It quickly became clear that the paper was good for absolutely nothing in this situation so, still pushing away rats coming at me from all directions, I grabbed the bath mat and mopped it up with that.

So that then had to go into the wash.

It's all okay though, a slight delay on my catch up on the laundry, but I can cope with that. Until a Tara-related incident meant that the throw on our bed also needed to be washed today. The other laundry is going to have to wait another day or two to go in the machine.

And at least there were no ratties or labradorks injured in the making of this laundry!


  1. Laughing hysterically! Yes, animal friends can find the most amazing ways of creating chaos! So far our cat hasn't figured out THAT little thing, but the numerous yarn balls that I trip on in the hallway are testament to her busy little mind working out, gee, what looks interesting that I can take somewhere else? Gotta love 'em!


    1. Hehe, they certainly help to keep things entertaining for us, don't they. :-)

  2. LOL I used to let my rats run around on the bathroom floor when I took a shower too. Then they'd all run over to lick the water off my feet. Sounds like they were having fun crawling and climbing all over everything.

    1. Jingle loves it if I dangle my hand over the side of the shower so he can lick the water off my hand.

      A couple of the boys like to nibble toes though, so you have to be a little bit careful if you're barefoot in the bathroom!


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