Saturday, 25 February 2012

Appointments & Letters

It looks as though updating myself to the new Blogger interface has solved my scheduled posting problems. Of course, I didn't get online on Thursday, then when I checked my blog on Friday I couldn't remember whether there was a post scheduled that should have been posted (there was, it had). Anyway, that makes me happy because I can go back to writing up book review posts for whenever I'm not going to have an internet connection, and save the interesting (hah) real-life posts for when I do.

The last fortnight has been one hospital-related event after another. Starting with my appointment on the 13th, then the following Friday when my father-in-law went in for his knee replacement surgery (which he had on the 18th).

Mr. Click collected him from hospital on Wednesday and yesterday the district nurse didn't like the look of his knee, so Mr. Click's had to dash over to the hospital on the mainland with him for a check up with an orthopedic consultant to make sure everything is still okay.
Unfortunately not the letter I'm waiting for
Meanwhile, I'm still waiting to hear about my surgery. It's been pencilled in for the 12th of March, which is a Monday, which means I'll need to take time off. And as it's a medical appointment, if I want to get the time off authorised properly, I need proof from the hospital. Like a letter. Which I'm still waiting for.

Of course, I could book the time off as a holiday, which I'll be doing for the day or two afterwards anyway for recovery. But I'm not wanting to book time off and then get a letter saying it'll be the following week, so have to go through the hassle of rearranging the time off.

So we phoned on Wednesday, just to check, figuring it's been a week and a half, perhaps the letter has gotten lost in the post (especially as Royal Mail has been a bit lax about our mail redirection since we moved). Apparently the surgery is still on, we should get a letter, they would call us back if there was a problem, if not we should assume it'll still be on the 12th.

Which is good to know, but still doesn't solve the problem of the fact that I don't actually have the date of my surgery in writing. And that I don't have any information about it, like the essentials, things like do I need to fast (and how long for), where I need to go, what I need to bring, if I need to do anything (or not do anything) before I go.

Coupled with the fact that in the weeks leading up to and since my hospital appointment, my body as started doing some interesting new weird and random things, I'm getting more and more keen to get checked out. I think actually having the appointment has made me all the more impatient to actually get things moving now.

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