Sunday, 29 July 2012

Project 365+1: Days 204 - 210

This week has been decidedly wet. The few days when I would have liked to have gotten out to take photos have been those drizzly sort of days where the sun is shining one minute but then when you look back five minutes later, it's chucking it down. This was actually the case yesterday when I went to take Tara in the garden and as I opened the door a curtain of rain moved towards the house (soaking my laundry hanging on the airer outside)!

I'm always wary of taking my camera out when it might get damp, so alas, not really any outdoors photos this week. I've also been suffering a bit from hayfever as well, which means that our walks are generally as long as the number of tissues I have in my pockets. On the plus side, I have managed to avoid using any iPhone pictures for my Project 365+1 this week, so that's progress in one way at least.

Day 204: Take Note
Many years ago I ran a Lord of the Rings website which I had high hopes for, but didn't have the technical prowess to actually do it. Last year I decided to revamp it and have another go with it, I started putting something together (and finally mastered the forum software that I'd wanted to use) but then it got hacked and spammed and I put it to one side until I was able to get access back to it and do more with it.

And I've finally worked out what it is I'm wanting to do, so when we were off the island the other week I picked up a little notebook for planning and notes. This one seemed fitting for the subject. It's slowly filling up with lists and ideas.

And I've learnt my lesson from the first version, I'm spending some time making graphics at the moment. Not one of my strongest points but I feel like I'm slowly learning as I go along. Giving myself until the end of the year to get it fully launched.

Day 205: Bug
One thing that I didn't mention when I did the post about Tara was her toys. When we got her she already had a bit of a collection of chew toys, some of which she destroyed within a few weeks. Her football now lives with my in-laws because they've got a bigger garden than us so more room to chase it. I've since bought her a Kong which is a firm favourite, but her two top toys are still her 'blankie' and Bug (pictured above).

Bug originally had six legs, green wings and red antennae, unfortunately Tara took it upon herself to relieve him of these appendages, which she proceeded to eat. After one too many times of having to wrestle bits out of her mouth or noticing that there's a bit missing and wondering where it had gone, we decided to give Bug's remaining limbs a trim which makes him look a little bit sorry for himself, but Tara doesn't mind in the slightest.

Day 206: New Format
I've been ploughing through The Lord of the Rings this week, so when I got to the end of The Fellowship of the Ring I decided to take a moment to compare the ebook version to the massive illustrated version. I have to say, despite bopping myself on the nose with my Kindle in bed the other night, it did not hurt anywhere near as much as when you do it with a hardback book (this particular hardback copy of The Lord of the Rings would probably warrant a trip to casualty).

It's taking me a little bit longer to get through the ebook version than the book version. I think part of it is that although you have the percentage figure showing you how far through the book you are, you don't actually have a physical representation of that figure. I'm enjoying the fact that it fits in my bag though, most single volume copies leave you seriously pushed for space!

Day 207: Simba
Mr Click picked up this Simba for me during the week. He's a hot water bottle cover/pyjama case which, considering I don't use hot water bottles since one burst on me in bed at the age of seven, I'm using for storing my nightwear in. This Simba originally came from Disneyland in Florida and when he picked me up from work Mr Click sent me round the back of the house where the washing was drying because he'd hung him on the airer outside after he'd been washed.

Tara is very interested in him and seems to think that she should be allowed to play with him, so far I've managed to keep them apart (hey, you've seen what she did to Bug!) but it's kind of funny the way she begs to play with him while I'm stuffing my jammies in there.

Day 208: Shiny Kitchen
Mr Click's domain is the kitchen, I generally feed the pets in there, help wash up or sort laundry. He gave the room a good clean this week. I came home from work to find it looking all shiny, smelling all fresh, the floor all mopped and the dog corner of the kitchen all tidied. I'm not sure how long he spent working on it, but it certainly looks good.

Day 209: Sleepy Pup
I very nearly missed my first day this week. We spent the evening, and best part of the night, at my in-laws' house to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony. I was so absorbed by it that I totally forgot to take a picture until around 11pm, then found that photos of the TV screen weren't really coming out very well. But Tara obliged when she tried crawling onto my lap at about quarter-to-twelve, wanting to know why we hadn't gone home yet.

I really enjoyed the Ceremony, it was just incredible, so well put together and I was pretty much hooked all the way through. I wish it had started about an hour earlier because it seemed to go on forever when they were bringing all the athletes in. That night I crawled into bed and fell asleep at about 1:30am, woke at 7am and thought 'must take Tara out' then promptly fell back to sleep until 8am. Went back to bed for breakfast and reading, then snuggled up for a cuddle at about 11:45am, and fell asleep until around 12:30! I'm obviously getting too old for these late nights.

Day 210: Wild Flowers
These flowers caught my eye in the garden earlier in the week and I've been meaning to get out and get a photo of them ever since, but what I didn't realise until yesterday is the way that they've coiled themselves around the wire of the fence. In fact, the white flowers on the right have gone on to grow around a tall weedy plant growing on the other side of the fence (so I've wrapped it around the fence top in the hope that it'll encourage the flowers to grow there instead).

I love the way it looks. We've got to clear some more of the weeds that are sprouting up along the edge of the fence, but I'm determined to try and leave these where they are because they look really good.

In this next week I'm starting a new shift pattern at work, so I suspect that I'm going to be rather confuzzled for most of the week about which day it is, hehe. Hopefully I'll remember to take my pictures each day and upload them on Sunday!

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