Sunday, 8 July 2012

Project 365+1: Days 183 - 189

Another batch of photos to show you what I've been up to this week. Thankfully, after all of the excitement of the last couple of weeks, this one has been a bit easier. I've been working the late shift so that's meant long lazy mornings and shorter evenings, though at least now the days are light for longer so it doesn't feel like you're really staying up too late; plenty of pretty sunsets too (though I didn't take any photos of those)!

Day 183: Fresh Bread
When we moved into our new house (I should really stop calling it our 'new house' considering the fact that we've been here for over a year now) my in-laws gave us their bread machine as they rarely used it. We go through phases of it, usually depending on whether or not I'm in the mood for sandwiches in my packing up for work. The recipe we use is one which has been modified from the recipe book that came with a previous machine and we both have it pretty much off by heart.

There's something very nice about setting the timer at night or first thing in the morning and waking up to the smell of a fresh baked loaf. This loaf was made by Mr Click and is a sort of half white/half granary loaf which makes great sandwiches and toast. There's not really any of it left now though.

Day 184: Scottish Summerwear
As it's now officially summer in Scotland, I've been dressing accordingly. That is in the big heavy overcoat you see above because it has been fricking freezing here! In between the torrential downpours and occasional gale force winds, there have been a few sun sightings, but despite the weather gradually improving towards the end of the week, it's not been a great week for the weather.

We'd considered a picnic yesterday but midway through the week decided against it and spent the day in watching DVDs instead which was just as well because it was pretty wet out. Most of the week I've been forced to alternate between my super stylish waterproof jacket (you know the kind, they come with a little bag that you're supposed to be able to stuff them into but which never seems to work) and this big warm coat.

Day 185: Well Wrapped
As I posted earlier in the week, this Tuesday was my Mum-in-Law's birthday. We got her a nice present and a lovely card. I took a photo partly because I wanted to post a birthday message for her on here, but also because I was pretty damn chuffed at how neatly I wrapped it up. My wrapping is normally quite neat, but I generally take the more-sellotape-the-better approach to wrapping. Any little gaps get sealled up, relatively neatly. This time I only used the bare minimum and I was quite pleased with how it looked. Also, Mr Click chose the best wrapping paper. ^_^

Day 186: More Reading Material
Having finished reading the Suzanne Collins books along with a couple of others which were taking up much needed space on my bookshelf, I decided to dig out some of the books waiting in the boxes in the spare bedroom. I've added Her Fearful Symmetry to my list of books to read, along with a few of the World Book Night books (I've been trying to read all of the books selected for World Book Night).

These books are going to have to wait a little while before I actually get to them, however. I've still got a handful of ebook review copies to read along with three shelves above these. Not only that, but when I get to my 'Tolkien shelf' I'm planning on finally reading the ebook version of The Lord of the Rings as well. Should get to them by the end of this year... if I'm lucky!

Day 187: Late Sun
As I said earlier, the sun has made a couple of appearances (though only brief ones and in otherwise very wet days). This combined with my shift pattern has meant that I've not seen much of it this week, but then you do get views like this occasionally.

I love walking Tara to the back gate. It's our usual weekday morning route, quite gentle (though the slope back up from the gate can be a bit of a killer at times) and past this lovely woodland for the first/last bit of it. This week, with the sun warming up the damp ground, it kind of reminded me of some sort of prehistoric forest, I wouldn't have been surprised to see a dinosaur or two ambling by in the distance. It was all quiet though, not even a deer in sight.

Day 188: Late Night Visitor
I'd already taken a photo for the day (showing the girls' tails all hanging down together as they made themselves comfy in the hammock after they'd been cleaned out) and wasn't planning on really looking too hard for another one, when I took Tara out in the garden for the last time and almost trod on this little guy. I saw a movement round the corner of the house and (despite it being pitch black outside and there not being a bird in sight) assumed that it was some sort of little bird.

Mr Click had told me that he thought there was a frog/toad in the garden by the drain the other night when he took Tara out and so I've been half expecting to see one since then, but this guy caught me by surprise. Once Tara had done her thing, I rushed back inside, grabbed my camera, snapped a couple of photos, rushed back inside to switch lenses and then got a couple of good close-ups. I was a little unsure of what the flash might do to his amphibious little eyes, so I didn't spend too long bugging him and there's been no sign of him since then, but I'm pleased with what I got.

Day 189: Registered
And as I posted yesterday, I got my confirmation that I'm registered for my next course. It starts on the 29th of September, so not really all that long. I'm quite looking forward to getting back into my studying, I'm missing it at the moment. Mainly because it means I only have things like housework to avoid doing now (once the course starts I will run out of laundry because that's my number one avoidance job).

I'm not entirely sure what I've got on this coming week. I'm just hoping that the weather improves a little bit so I can leave the rain mac at home while I'm walking Tara.

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