Sunday, 15 July 2012

Project 365+1: Days 190 - 196

Is it just me or has it been a really long week? I've been on an early shift this week and I think that's probably what's done it for me, even though I'm going to bed relatively early, it makes the days seem longer somehow; so by the time that it's Tuesday you feel as though it should be at least Thursday.

Mr Click has also managed to generously share his cold with me as well, which didn't help much. That combined with suffering because my op earlier this year seems to have made things worse, rather than better, has meant that I spent most of the week looking forward to the weekend. Which has come around at last and been wonderfully relaxing - exactly what I've needed.

So, on to the pictures!
Day 190: Cold Cure
On Sunday my very lovely husband had been craving spring rolls, so I sent him out in search of some Cold & Flu relief, spring rolls and 'something nice' for me. He remembered the first two items on the list, at least. I was very grateful for my drugs, it certainly made it easier to sleep and get through work. Sunday night I ended up curled up in bed with a book (The Emigrants) another book intended for my literature course with the OU, probably the best way to go about beating a cold!

Day 191: More Reading Material
Over the last few weeks, Mr Click has been bringing me home more reading material in the form of my film magazines. I get both Empire and Total Film (and I'm enjoying reliving a little bit of the geekery I felt during my teens when I was waiting for installments of Lord of the Rings in the cinema). Unfortunately I've been a bit too focused on reading books and ebooks lately (that and I've been playing with my phone and catching up online after work while we watch DVDs rather than reading magazines as I've done in the past) so I'm building up quite a stash at the moment.

In the next few weeks I'm aiming to get totally on top of this growing pile of magazines, unfortunately there'll probably be three more waiting to be read by that time!

Day 192: Walking Home
If I'm finishing work late/getting home late/have been somewhere after work and am dressed in dog-walking appropriate clothing, Mr Click will drop me off somewhere along the way and Tara and I will walk home together. This is especially good at times because it means that Mr Click can get houseworky things out the way and tea started without falling over Tara and/or me.

I like it because it tires Tara out so we can relax in peace and eat our meal or whatever we're doing with a sleepy labrador at our feet (instead of on our plates). Plus I get to walk through the grounds, listening to my music and having a bit of time to myself.

Funnily enough, this picture was taken after nine o'clock at night, it was so lovely and warm and sunny out. I love our bedroom in the summer, we've got quite thin curtains so I can take advantage of the long nights and laze in bed reading without having to worry about switching lights on or off.

Day 193: Calendar
On the 11th, which I believe was a Wednesday, I could think of absolutely nothing to photograph. So I took a picture of my calendar. When all else fails, take a photo which you can immediately tell which day you too it on.

I can't say that the 11th of July is a particularly significant day for me. It was a Wednesday this year, which is nice; Wednesdays are good because you know you're getting past that middle part of the week and from that moment on every minute is a little closer to the weekend. It's also one week from the day when we'll be taking a trip to Ayr for a bit of shopping, but aside from that, there was really no reason for this photo!

Day 194: All Clean
This week has been a pretty good week for doing laundry. What with both of us having out OU final assessments, we sort of focused on getting those out the way, and then afterwards just wanted to relax. Since then we've been gradually getting back on top of things.

Doing laundry is one of my favourite housework jobs. I think it's because you don't actually have to do very much; throw some clothes in the machine with some powder or whatever, set it going, then go and read a book and watch a film, dig it all out, hang it up, go back to what you were doing before until it's time to turn it all around or take it down. Easy. I have far too much fun doing the laundry!

Day 195: Devil Bones
And this is my latest reading material this week. I'm hoping to finish it this afternoon/evening all ready to start reading my ebook copy of The Lord of the Rings. I'd planned to read something else before going on to that, but I've got through this a bit quicker than I had expected, presumably because I've not read it before, but it does also seem to be a bit thinner than other Tempe Brennan books.

Day 196: Fresh Bedding
Yesterday we spent a bit of time doing some housework. I finished doing what Mr Click had started doing in the bathroom earlier in the week while he attacked the bedroom, staircase, kitchen floor and some other little jobs around the place.

This included changing our bedding, as evidenced by the crappy iPhone picture above (taken during an 'oh shoot, I've not taken a photo yet today!' moment at bedtime). It was all lovely and cosy and fresh when I got into bed last night. No wrinkled sheets, comfy, nice smelling pillow... well, until about 3am when Tara decided to hop up and join us.

Our bed is a nice comfortable size, but it feels a bit cramped when there's a ten-tonne labrador on your feet!

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