Thursday, 4 May 2017


This time last week I was having a fantastic day celebrating my thirty-first birthday. It was a very good day and the beginning of a very good weekend.

Mr Click loves presents, regardless of whether they're his or someone else's. We'd set the alarm for 7am which I thought meant we'd have a leisurely wake up, breakfast and then do cards and presents. Mr Click had other ideas though so we did the cards and presents before breakfast.

Now I threw a slight spanner in the works the week before my birthday when I did that thing you really shouldn't do so close to a birthday. I bought myself stuff.

I wasn't expecting anyone to pay attention to my ramblings about knitting needles so treated myself to a set of the KnitPro Nova interchangeables, plus 3mm and 3.25mm needle tips to go with them. They arrived the Sunday before my birthday and are a thing of beauty:

But back to my birthday. There were two distinct themes between my presents; knitting and Fantastic Beasts. I'm actually thinking about buying a Niffler knitting pattern so I can combine the two!

Not pictured is the dreamcatcher that my Nan sent me, as it's currently hanging in my window, waiting for me to give it a nudge and set it spinning again.

I was already expecting the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film. While the Hobbit films were coming out, each year I knew I would get the latest film on my birthday, so when Fantastic Beasts came out it seemed like the logical birthday follow on. What I wasn't expecting was a reproduction of Newt's notebook (going to need to find a really special use for that one) or the book which I had mentioned to Mr Click in passing about the making of the film not realising he was actually paying attention at the time!

My above mentioned knitting needle shopping spree sort of messed up my Mum's birthday plans for me, but she's awesome so she recovered well.

I've been collecting Jean Greenhowe's knitting pattern booklets for the last few years and I only had ten more left to get. My Mum sent me over half of the books I needed (I've since ordered the last four). I spent a very happy birthday afternoon organising them by date of publication. It's the little things that keep me amused. I fully intend to knit something from each pattern book and ultimately hope to knit EVERYTHING!

My in-laws were responsible for the Art of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them book. I'm yet to explore this one but having skimmed through the artwork in there, it looks beautiful.

It was a lovely relaxed sort of day. We watched my new film, had homemade Chinese and I spent most of the day knitting. And that was just the first half of my birthday, the second part came when we went shopping at the weekend.

But more about that tomorrow.


  1. Where is this Niffler knitting pattern? I think I need one.

    Oh, and happy birthday.


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