Sunday, 29 April 2012

Project 365+1: Days 113 - 117

Another week, another batch of photos fresh from the camera for my daily photo project. I have to admit, I’m pleasantly surprised that I’ve made it so far with this. Of course, each day that I continue to take photos makes me feel a little bit more nervous that I will accidentally skip a day, but so far, so good, right?
113 - Taking Stock
Day 113: Taking Stock
As we were off shopping (and having my hospital appointment, but I’ll post about that some other time) on Monday, we decided to use the time to do a spot of shopping, so Sunday night we made our traditional pre-shopping list. This involves going through all the cupboards and making a list of what we’ve actually got, so that we know what we need to buy. It’s always written on the back of the list so that if there’s a good offer on something we might want, we can check if it’s really necessary (no point buying a 3-for-2 offer on tinned fruit when we already have a cupboard full at home).
114 - Through The Trees
Day 114: Through The Trees
I wouldn’t look too closely at that picture though, it’s probably got some awful spelling mistakes in there somewhere, that and it probably doesn’t make much sense to anyone who isn’t me. By the way, 1 country vegetable refers to a soup flavour, not an actual country vegetable.

When I can (i.e. we’re not rushing out the door in case we get a puddle on the kitchen floor) or when I remember (i.e. I’m in more than a semi-conscious state when Tara and I leave the house for our 6am morning walk), I like to take my little compact camera with me. Since getting Tara I’ve fallen in love with this little guy again. I remember being so impressed with it when I first acquired it quite a few years ago, but then as I found myself wanting to do more and more with my photos I started getting a bit frustrated with how limited it was – this led to me taking nothing but close-ups in Macro setting because it was the only way I could get the blurry background I so desperately craved.

But it’s small enough to stick in a pocket when you’ve got an energetic puppy needing a morning walk, and you can operate it single-handed when said energetic puppy is encouraging you to stop staring at those boring trees and come and see what the interesting smell she’s found is. Plus, I can still take some pretty nice pictures with it. It’s not got quite the same level of control that I’m used to with my big camera, but it’s light and does a pretty good job (and it would be a hell of a lot cheaper to replace if Tara whacks it with a stick).

So anyway, that’s the sun coming up on the route that we tend to go for on our morning walk, mainly because on average it takes fifteen minutes to get to this point, so I know that if we turn around to go home from here our walk will have lasted about half an hour. Plus, you get to see scenes like that when you get there!
115 - Cross Bones
Day 115: Cross Bones
Okay, I’ll admit, sometimes I take photos purely so that I can reuse the photo when I come to blog about the book later on. It’s quite useful really because it means I’ve got a definite photo to fall back on when I’ve either had a really boring day, or have forgotten to take my picture until almost midnight.

I like how this one shows my progress through the series of Kathy Reichs books. There’s at least one more that I’m still to get (the most recent one in the series) but I’m holding off until I get closer to it because hopefully I’ll have a little more space on my bookshelf by then. The bookshelf is starting to need some serious rearranging as I’m getting very close to the end of some of the book series I’ve been reading and we’ve also bought loads more from charity shops recently as well. Last year the Kathy Reichs/crime section was on the top shelf and as I’m almost done with the Discworld collection, they might be getting a promotion… it really is sad how excited I get at the thought of reorganising my bookcase…
116 - Charity Shopping
Day 116: Charity Shopping
Wednesday was marked by a dentist appointment, not one of the highlights of my social calendar. I got a clean bill of health and was in and out within minutes. Also mentioned my wisdom teeth which are allowed to stay in situ a little bit longer as long as they don’t cause too much trouble.

After the dreaded-but-not-so-bad-after-all dentist appointment we wandered round the shops which included a little trip into Oxfam where Mr. Click found the above little goodie. As much as I try to get over my minor Lord of the Rings obsession, it keeps on sucking me back in. This is a set of three games, two of which are a sort of logic puzzle-type thing. I’m yet to crack it out properly though, I’m waiting until I get a chance where someone (namely Tara) won’t be around to eat any of it.
117 - On The Bandwagon
Day 117: On The Bandwagon
And lastly this week, more reading material. Normally I try to avoid books that get loads of publicity because I frequently find myself disappointed (though sometimes this strategy backfires, it took me four years to get around to reading Harry Potter and regretting the fact that I didn’t pick it up sooner), but this one’s had some good reviews from friends so when I spotted the trilogy for £5 in The Book People I got myself the set.

Again, I’ll post a review in the next couple of weeks, but suffice to say I started it on Thursday night and finished it on Friday (and that was after I’d started it thinking that it might not be my sort of thing).

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