Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Best Day

It was my 26th birthday on Friday, now last year I'd made plans which hadn't exactly come to fruition so I had high hopes for this one.

And it was perfect.

Mr. Click and I took Tara for a walk first thing and then while I snuggled up in bed, he brought me presents. Traditionally we do one big present and two small presents, but this year there was an extra one because Bell, Carol, Holly and Ivy, plus Tara had apparently clubbed together to buy me a little gift as well.
Day 118: The Best Day
Now I already knew that I was going to be receiving The Lion King films for my birthday mainly because I'd made a noise about getting them for myself a couple of times in the last few months, but what I thought I was getting was this:
When what I actually got was a large wooden box with the number 987 of 3000 special edition box set which can sort of be seen in the top photo alongside my other presents. It's got all three of the Lion King films plus the special features.

Along with my Lion King set I also got some bookish treats; namely a set of personalised magnetic bookmarks (with my name on), which is useful because I like to mark my favourite quotes in a book so I can go back and copy them into my book journal later; and a book torch, a handy little light that clips onto your book so you can read without having the light on (Mr. Click assures me that this gift wasn't to stop me from sitting up with the light on, but rather to save me from having to read by the torch on my phone which wears the battery down). I imagine it'll come in handy for studying as well, if we have a repeat of the chronic power cut as we had at the beginning of this year!

Our pets really spoilt me as well though (I shall have to seriously dock their pocket money or something... I wasn't even aware of the fact they got pocket money!) From them I received the Lord of the Rings extended edition trilogy on blu-ray. I've got the special box versions of them on DVD but it's the kind of film you want to see on blu-ray, next time I have a long weekend like I had at Easter we're going to watch them all together.

We loaded Tara into the van and set off to visit my in-laws where I was given Lady and the Tramp on blu-ray (another lucky escape because I've almost ordered it a couple of times in the last few weeks). And then it was off to the beach for the picnic that I'd originally planned for my 25th birthday.

We walked up and down the beach, the tide was really far out and Tara went crazy on the wet sand. She was so tired out when we got back to the van that she just curled up on the floor and went to sleep while we ate our lunch; when we went last week she ignored the chew we'd bought especially for her and instead watched every mouthful we ate.

That evening, while we watched The Lion King, we ate Chinese. We ordered twice as much as we could eat so that we could reserve it the following day as well (in fact, I had so much that I even had some for supper the following day).

Of course we forgot about my birthday cake until we went to bed, so we had it for breakfast the following day!

All in all, a very good birthday.

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