Sunday, 27 May 2012

Project 365+1: Days 141 - 147

Very nearly didn't get around to doing this today. Kept on putting it off and putting it off and spending more and more time wrestling with O2 and their Live Chat because we want to get contract phones but they seem to expect us to pay a £600 deposit for them so not getting very far.

Anyway, onto the photos...
Day 141: Chocolate and Biscuits
This is what our kitchen looks like on an evening now. When we get into bed we snuggle up with a good book and a fancy chockity bikkit. Actually, one night we did actually have strawberries and cream in bed instead of the chocolate option and it felt really weird. It's a good end to the day and we're slowly sampling every different type of chocolate biscuit available, I think.

Day 142: Dead Zen
The ongoing saga of whether or not my Zen is working continued this week. Tara and I were out for our regular walk, listening to my Zen on random, when I decided to check who was singing that particular version of the song I was listening to. I unlocked the Zen, but the screen stayed blank. Turned it on and off, still blank. Got home convinced it had died. Plugged it into the mains and after jamming a bit of pencil in the reset switch, got it working again.

So right now, Zen appears to be working again. I'm back to listening to my music in alphabetical order (slowly working through the Bs now). Of course, we're hoping to get contract smart phones in the coming weeks, so I can almost guarantee that it'll start playing up again once I've forked out money for that!

Day 143: Colours of the Wind
We've had lovely weather here this week. Truly summery, which has meant some lovely sunrises and sunsets (if you're able to stand the heat). I've managed to catch the sun several times at work, and it's been perfect for walking Tara. Even when it's been cloudy, it's been fantastic, as can be seen in the picture above.

Day 144: Catching Fire
Review will be forthcoming just as soon as I get my EMA done for my assignment and get caught up with all my book reviews (I'm only one month behind!), but this week also saw me reading the next installment of the Hunger Games trilogy. I did enjoy it, even if it did mean staying up far too late one night and feeling like a bit of a zombie the following morning. I'm quite looking forward to reading the last one now (and not only because that'll be another slot of my bookcase that I can use for more books).

Day 145: May 24th
I really can't believe that I've managed to make it this far through with this project. I was sure that I'd burn out somewhere around February or March, because that's where it's happened in the past. But I'm still going strong. Even if some of my pictures are decidedly uninteresting, like the next couple...
Day 146: Tales of the Unexpected
This is our current viewing choice at the moment. We're almost finished with the first of 19 discs, so it should keep us going for a while. I actually read the collection of short storied a couple of years back and have been wanting to watch Tales of the Unexpected since then. When Mr. Click and I first started going out we watched this series called Thriller, which was awful, Tales of the Unexpected is like a better version of that. I'm looking forward to seeing ones which I've not already read, so that I get the full benefit of whatever twist comes at the end.
Day 147: Reluctant Model
And yesterday I was working, then going to a little party afterwards so I knew that I wouldn't get much of chance for taking a picture. Tara was being all cute and sitting in the kitchen so I figured that I'd get a photo without too much trouble. Think again. She was most put out that I was asking her to sit while I was snapping away at her. She kept wandering off and finding other things to do. In the end I had to make do with this one, and doesn't she look sulky!

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