Sunday, 13 May 2012

Project 365+1: Days 127 - 133

Last Sunday the weather was lovely and sunny, nice and warm, almost like summer. Today, not so much. No chance of running around the garden with our pup in the hopes of snapping some good photos of Tara, but last week I got loads. It was really tricky choosing which one would be the actual picture of the day, but in the end I settled on this one:
Day 127: Enjoying The Sun
There was another which featured Madam laying on the grass with her eyes closed, sort of sun bathing but I liked her expression in this one more. One day I will write a post with nothing but photos which almost made the Project, so many of Tara would be perfect if she was in focus or hadn't blinked or done something daft which couldn't be captured properly on camera.

Day 128: Overflowing
On Sunday I decided to invest in an eReader, and this is the reason why. This is only a small portion of our collection, the rest are in boxes upstairs. The second shelf up from the bottom is Mr. Click's but since this photo was taken I've finished the Stranger Than Fiction set on the second shelf down and so things have been rearranged slightly; Mr. Click's now got a few inches on the shelf with my Lord of the Rings books.

Day 129: Waiting Patiently
Tara loves Mr. Click. She'll follow him around and gets quite frustrated when she can't go wherever he's gone. On a morning when he goes to get breakfast, she'll lie by the door (which has resulted in some juggling escapades when he can't open the door when his hands are full of bowls and mugs); when he goes to the bathroom, she'll lie outside waiting for him; and when he's cooking tea, she'll lie outside trying to sniff her way under the door. Mr. Click was not moving quick enough for her and she did not appreciate me taking her photo while we were waiting.

Day 130 - Almost Ready
After ordering my Kindle on Sunday, I had to patiently wait for it to actually arrive. Unfortunately its expected delivery date was the 12th of May, the Saturday I was supposed to be off the island for my tutorial. Just to taunt me the case and magentic light thingy that came with it arrived on Wednesday. Tempted as I was to jam a paperback in there and pretend it had already arrived, I controlled myself.

Day 131 - New Toy
Totally not expecting it to arrive until the Saturday when I was off the island, it arrived. I got a message to say that I had a package waiting for me at home. I was ever so slightly tempted to check and see if there were any holiday hours going that afternoon so I could go and play with it, but I controlled myself. Of course, not having internet access at home, there was relatively little I could actually do with it. I did transfer my OU books across onto it and started getting the hang of how to work it, then decided I had better hurry up and finish Seabiscuit so I could make use of my new toy.

Day 132 - Beginning Of The End
Got myself all organised the night before my tutorial and even printed out a copy of my EMA guide. It's quite scary to think that this it pretty much the end of my course, I've just got to get this last essay written and submitted and then that's it for the linguistics strand of the course. This summer I'll be preparing for studying literature and hopefully two years from now I'll be getting ready for my final exam/essay. That's a scary thought!

Day 133 - Everything's Better With Cake
We had E301 themed cake at my tutorial. One of the women, who was also on my last course, is completing her degree with this one so she made cake. It tasted great and looked good too. Having almost completed this course I could say an awful lot about the creative language use on this cake. I won't because it probably won't interest many people unless they are as geekily obsessed with language as I've become.

Unfortunately my last course for my degree will be a children's literature one, and I'm not entirely sure I could make an edible cake as well crafted as this. Might have a go though... maybe some literary-themed jam tarts...

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