Sunday, 6 May 2012

Project 365+1: Days 119 - 126

Another week, another batch of photos which I've just this minute finished editing ready to post up here... so, without further ado.
Day 119: Party Time
On my birthday we completely forgot to crack out the cake, so we had it for breakfast the next day instead. Figuring that it had made a good breakfast on Saturday, we had it for breakfast again the next day... and the next. I never blew out any candles though, so we've got them stuffed in a drawer ready for the next time we're having a party and need cake.

Day 120: Feeling Zen
Earlier in the week, I plugged myself into my Zen ready to take the dog for a walk, when I noticed something a little odd; rather than showing the track title, album and artist it just said something about selecting music from the music library. Despite the illusion that there was no music on the player, it carried on playing just fine. However, when I plugged it into my computer it couldn't find those tracks in the folder, even though it told me that there were more folders than it was actually showing.

Sunday then became the day of figuring out how to make it work properly (all the while pricing up new mp3 players which weren't produced by Apple). About seven hours later, I had it fixed which is just as well because Creative have dropped out of the market of 30Gb+ size mp3 players and I'm not sure I could live with iTunes on my laptop again.

Day 121: Birthday Wishes
When I got to work on Monday there was a little envelope wedged into my keyboard; a card signed by the rest of my team. One of the women in our team always organises a card and a cake for birthdays. Unfortunately mine was organised for my birthday... which I'd taken off... so the cake was rescheduled for the following week. It was lovely.

Day 122 - Not Quite Six
This was taken as proof for a friend that I did in fact take the dog out for a walk at 5:30 in the morning. I meant to take the photo before we left, but as Tara was getting a little bit desperate I had to settle for leaving it until I got back. But, yup, I do get up insanely early and tire Tara out so that we can eat breakfast in peace. Of course, I needed to be up early anyway for work, this weekend when she started bugging me and I told her to go back to bed, she did, so she's learning.
Day 123 - All Fenced In
We have a garden fence again, and the gate is has something to close against too. It blew away in the bad weather and we've been hoping to get something put up for Tara soon and so it was a pleasant surprise when we came home and found an unexpected fence there. The old one was like the gate, but this one is wire so hopefully won't be as likely to blow away as the last one. It also makes it incredibly difficult to photograph, but presumably I won't be taking too many fence photos in the future so it doesn't really matter.
Day 124 - Linked
Mr. Click picked up a little treat for me in Oxfam. A Links of London necklace (I wouldn't know anything about them if it wasn't a friend who's very up on her jewellery). It's lovely and it matches the top I picked up in Dunoon a few weeks back. It's also reminded me that I really need to get my jewellery all sorted so that I can actually wear it occasionally, especially as I didn't in fact strangle myself with it and my pass at work as I'd predicted.
Day 125 - Shadows
Having been settled on the bed studying for a fair chunk of the evening while Mr. Click took Tara out for her before-bed walk, I noticed that the sun was making pretty pictures on the wall through the window. So the OU was abandoned while I dashed off to grab my camera to try and figure out the best way to catch it.
Day 126: Are We Done Yet?
Yesterday I was determined to get a good photo of Tara, unfortunately I left it a bit late in the day and so was having to use the camera flash (which can make her eyes go funny). I took dozens and dozens of photos, lots of which were blurred or out of focus or didn't actually have a dog in them because she moved just as I pressed the button. Tara found the whole ordeal a little boring, which ironically was the last picture of the set and my favourite!

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