Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Another reason why I love living here...

Part of the reason why I love living here is the wildlife. I'm just back from a walk in the rain with Tara while Mr Click rustles us up a yummy meal for tea. While we were out I very nearly stood on a teeny tiny frog that was pretending to be a bit of mud on the road.

This morning we also met this little fellow:

He was a little but shy and curled into a ball as soon as we got close. Getting a picture was tough because Tara was very keen to say hello.

When we'd walked off a little way he uncurled, looked around for a moment, then waddled back the way he came. I watched the grass rustling where he was walking for a while before we carried on.

We also met a deer and a hare who were a little too speedy to photograph.

It's fantastic being able to get so close to nature. I truly can't imagine being anywhere else.

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