Thursday, 8 May 2014

Day Zero Project: Win a competition

This was always going to be a slightly trickier challenge to complete because it was always going to rely on other people, rather than on things I could control myself. Okay, so you have to be in it to win it, but once you've submitted the entry, that's it, you're in the hands of fate.

That said, I've taken part in competitions at work and I'm quite competitive at home, so I was all set to use one of those competitions as my 'Win a competition' task on the Day Zero Project. Until I actually entered and won a competition.

Back in November we had to go to Inverary and as we arrived early we headed down the main street. The only shop that was open at that time on a Saturday morning was a newsagent and so we wandered in. I'd been wanting to start getting the Simply Knitting magazine for ages and after a mix up at the newagent's I'd asked to get in I'd missed a couple of issues.

I spotted it on the shelf and bought it, that weekend going online to enter all of the competitions. Every single one of them. One of which was to win a knitted toys pattern book.

Imagine my surprise a couple of months later when I got a big package pop through the door on a Saturday morning. Lo and behold, I'd won the book that was part of the sudoku competition. I was thrilled.

I'm yet to actually complete the dragon that I started knitting from it, it's a very complicated pattern and I couldn't help but find myself getting frustrated while I was doing it, so it's in time out at the moment. But it's mine and I won it, so that counts for something.

And I still enter the competitions every month when I can! You never know when you might get lucky again, after all.

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