Wednesday, 28 September 2016


... this time last year when we'd woken up at 5am for a hospital appointment, only to find we had no running water!

It prompted the quickest dash in the world to my in-laws' house in order to get washed and a cup of tea before we caught the ferry.

Fun times!

... we could drink our tap water.

Yup, history is repeating itself. We came home yesterday to find a pack of water bottles on our front doorstep which normally means only one thing.

Except this time it didn't mean the water was off. Just that for quality reasons we're not currently allowed to use it for anything other than washing. All water for human (read: also rat and dog) consumption must be bottled or boiled.

We're actually old hands at this now, even if Mr Click keeps on forgetting about using bottled water for brushing his teeth.

... a year in my 'new' role at work.

I'm not really sure if I can call it a new role anymore now, not now I've been doing it for a year. And technically I won't have been doing it for a year until tomorrow. The rest of my team officially started a year ago today; I was rushing off on an early ferry to the aforementioned hospital appointment so I wasn't actually present for that first nerve-wracking day.

... series nine of Criminal Minds.

We just finished series eight on Monday and the next two series arrived on DVD yesterday. We could not have timed that better. We watched the first episode of series nine this evening and it's really not the sort of programme I should be watching while I'm eating my dinner!

... from a close encounter with a monster yesterday evening.

While I was at my in-laws' house I borrowed their phone to call my Mum so went to hang out in the dining room. The vacuum was stopping the door from closing, so I moved it, only to reveal a GIANT spider underneath it! That thing was as big as my hand and was the Usain Bolt of the arachnid world.

And of course I was trapped in the room because it was right by the door. Until it took off at about seventy-billion miles per hour, climbed the outside side of the door and I pushed the door shut, effectively trapping me in the dining room. It was on the outside and I couldn't risk opening the door in case it ate me.

I debated phoning someone else in the house to come and rescue me, but decided that would be a little bit weird, so frantically texted Mr Click telling him he would have to rescue me when he got back in and spent most of the time on the phone with my feet up off the ground just in case Usain Bolt decided to come back in!

And the spider?


It's in the house somewhere, but who knows where!

Have you had any scary encounters this week?


  1. I rather like spiders...

    Did you hear about Thomas Gibson on Criminal Minds? But that's just this season (season 12).

    1. I'm really not a fan of them, though I don't mind the small ones and helpfully liberated a little one who had decided to take a stroll across my desk this morning. Anything the size of my hand with eight legs has no business being in my house though.

      I did hear the news about Thomas Gibson. I wouldn't say Hotch is one of my favourite characters really but I hope his behaviour and departure doesn't spoil the show.


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