Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone's having a lovely Easter weekend. I know we are here.

Of course, Easter nests in our house come with little ratties in them, rather than Easter Eggs or chicks!

I'm enjoying having a long weekend off work, catching up on letter writing, getting another week's worth of A to Z Challenge posts written, desperately trying to finish The Shelters of Stone so I don't have to transport a 769 page book to Glasgow with me next week, the usual.

Hope that whatever you're up to this weekend, you're enjoying yourselves.


  1. Happy Easter to you all in the Click household :)

  2. I'm enjoying a lazy Sunday, getting caught up on blogs. Hope yours is lovely.

  3. 90% is a fantastic outcome! When will some of them be ready for "transfer"?

  4. Good luck finishing the book! And happy Easter.

  5. Shelters of Stone! I need to read those again, because I have yet to read the last book. Happy Easter!


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