Wednesday, 19 April 2017

#atozchallenge Letters to my Embryos: P is for Phone Call

Welcome to Day 16 of the A to Z Challenge, an April blogging challenge where you aim post every day during the month following the letters of the alphabet (with every Sunday bar the last one off).

In the past I've used the challenge to blog about my infertility and the IVF process. I'm following a similar theme this year as we wait to begin the process for a Frozen Embryo Transfer, having completed a Freeze All IVF cycle in February.

We currently have nine embryos sitting on ice, my little bubbles, and this April I am blogging to them about the process of how they came to be.

Dear Bubbles,

I owe you an apology. The first time I ever left you in the care of someone else, when they phoned me to let me know how you were getting on, I missed the call.

In my defense, it was the day after you were conceived, I was recovering from surgery, and the last time we'd had a call from an Embryologist to tell us how many embryos we had it wasn't until 10:30am. The fact that your first babysitter (embryositter?) called at 8:30am caught me off guard.

I guess you were kind of ahead of the curve and that's why she was so eager to let me know how you were getting on. But I felt pretty awful. Like I was letting you down in some way because I hadn't been there when I was supposed to be.

Of course, it was okay in the end. I caught her call just a few minutes after I picked up the voicemail. You were on my mind the whole time, even though I didn't know if you existed yet.

I'm fairly certain that this won't be the first important phone call about you that I'll miss. I'm sure there will be messages from school, from your friends' parents, maybe even from you.

But just like that very first time I missed a call about you, I'll always have you on my mind, even if it might not seem like it at the time.

All my love,

Your Mum.


  1. These letters are all so sweet. I think you’ll be a wonderful mommy.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. Please don't feel guilty over something like that. That's what voicemail is for.

  3. Your (future) kids are so lucky to have you for a mom! These are precious messages.

  4. Plenty of calls in the process of parenthood - best to you!!!
    A Piece of Uganda


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