Sunday, 20 November 2011

Hello World!

Hello, I'm Click and this is my blog.
It's called Click's Clan because I'm planning on blogging about everyday family stuff. At the moment my clan mostly consists of these guys:

That's Sherlock on the left and Mikey on the right. Both are getting to be elderly old man rats now with touches of hindleg degeneration and general wobbliness, both they'll still do pretty much anything for a bowl of soggy cornflakes.

The other member of my clan is Mr. Click, otherwise known as my husband. He puts up with me and is able to read my mind - which is both very useful and kind of creepy at times.

Things you're likely to see here are random photos I've taken of things, this can include anything from whatever I've got on my feet that and interestingly shaped trees to some quite nice photos of the local wildlife (if I do say so myself).

There are also likely to be general musings on things I've said done and seen, places I've been, books I've read and films I've watched.

And if the clan grows... well I'll probably mention that here too.

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