Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sleep Tight Sherlock

A rather unflattering snap of our fatty rattie.
Our Sherlock rat passed away yesterday.

His brother Mikey had a little stroke about a month ago and since then we've been half expecting to lose him at any time, but the little guy has just been getting stronger and stronger. Sherlock on the other hand has been starting to slow down and show his age. It's like he'd looked at Mikey and thought, 'oh right, I can do that too'.

He started showing signs of hind leg degeneration, but he was comfortable and happy. Then on Friday night he was breathing heavily and didn't want to wake up. We put him to bed not expecting him to be with us in the morning.

But he was. We washed and cuddled him and he just slipped away in the evening. Heart failure, we think.

Sherlock was always a big character. He used to sit on the sofa like a little person and was super clean; I loved the way he used to grab hold of his tail or foot and give it a good licking. He liked grooming us as well, chewing on my hair when it was wet or nibbling the rough bits round your nails.

He was a proper squishy rat, right from day one. He loved his cuddles and rubs, but he also liked to pancake out on any available surface. He was always desperate to be out of the cage and it got to the point that when you opened the cage door, he'd just climb out by himself and start toddling off to wherever he wanted to go.

I'm glad he went peacefully and he never needed a trip to the vet. He was a very happy rattie.

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