Sunday, 11 March 2012

Project 365+1 Days 65 - 70

Tomorrow I'm off for my little operation (and I'm doing a pretty good job about not freaking out about it, in fact, the main thing that's bothering me right now is the fact that I can't have a cup of tea tomorrow morning... or breakfast for that matter - never mind not signing any legal documents for two days after the anaesthetic, I won't be able to function tomorrow morning without my cup of tea!).

But anyway, I've been busy taking photos this week. I can't believe that I've managed to keep going for 70 days. Apparently I'm now 18% of the way through my project!

Day 65: House Warming
On Monday we had a friend come round for tea. We'd not really see each other very much during the last year or so, and aside from odd messages on Facebook and text messages we'd not really had the chance to speak much either. So when we moved in, we invited her round. And what with one thing and another we didn't actually get to have her round until last week... only about eight months after we moved in. Oh well, better late than never.

Mr. Click rustled up some fabulous omelettes and we sat and chatted and chatted and chatted. For about five hours, until we realised how late it had gotten and we called it a night. My picture for Monday is actually a photo of a photo. Our friend got one of her photos framed, it's a lovely shot of one of the local lochs, all in blues and greys (she also brought wine, which is always nice, we've got so much in the kitchen that we're going to start looking a little bit alcoholic... though if we drink it all, then we really will be!). We've got to get another hook put up for the picture, I'm thinking it'll look nice opposite the front door, so you see it when you come in through the door.

A few months ago I signed up for an account with The Book People. In the past we've had books from them through someone else with an account, and I decided that, despite my promise to try not buying as many books (at least until I've caught up with reading the ones I already have) it couldn't hurt to get a few more. Well, we've been getting the little booklets with all the books they've had on offer, but there's never really been much that we fancied, so we've never placed an order.

Until this week.

Normally when it comes to books that everyone is raving about, I avoid them on principle. I'm always disappointed when the reality doesn't live up to the hype (as was the case with the Dan Brown books). It's the reason why I avoided reading the Harry Potter series for as long as I did (which, of course, I loved as soon as I first read them). One of those series I've been holding off on is the Hunger Games books. But I've been hearing things, and I've learnt my lesson after Harry Potter, so when I spotted them in the Book People magazine, I decided to go ahead and order them.
Day 66: Book List
And War Horse, and a book about sewing, and set of books about the English language. Which took me up to about £18.something, and it would only be another £7 for free delivery, so I let Mr. Click pick out a set of crime/mystery books that appealled to him. So that was enough to get me ordering, I know I'm ridiculous, I can't justify spending money on a Sky package or an iPhone, but I'm perfectly happy to drop £30 on reading material!

This week I've been on my favourite shift, it's an early start, but you have plenty of time in the evening for watching TV (now that Spooks series 9 has arrived), catching up on OU and reading. Now that we're back home we've also been playing with our new washing machine. There's a bit of a race to see who can get to it first... I'm wondering how long it will be until the novelty of the thing wears off.
Day 67: Before...
Day 68: ... And After
Seriously, laundry is my favourite of all the housework jobs. I love the fact that you can just sort the stuff, stick it in the machine and go and relax to do something else for a couple of hours. Then you sort it, hang it out to dry, then relax for a couple of hours until it's dry and you can fold it and put it all away.

One of the books I've been reading this week was Inkheart, it's something like Book 22 of 2012, so I should get caught up with the reviews for it soon. I won't say too much about it just now, but it is a lovely, beautiful book. There were nights this week when I stayed up far too late reading (considering how early the alarm was set to go off) purely because I didn't want to put it down. Of course, the best fuel for a late night reading is hot chocolate:
Day 69: A Hot Drink and A Good Book
And then yesterday we ended up with a mammoth postal delivery. You see, we've been waiting for things to arrive, but weren't really expecting any of them yesterday.
Day 70: Special Delivery
Firstly, there was our passes for Red Cross. We've been waiting for those for quite an idea and had an idea that they were on the way, but weren't sure when to expect them arriving. I've been paranoid that I'll get it muddled up with my work pass, but luckily the lanyards are different colours, so hopefully I'll manage not to.

Then there was the Professor Layton game which Mr. Click has ordered me. I've been a massive fan of those games ever since I discovered the first one. They really appeal to me, I love puzzles and I love the sense of satisfaction when you solve one (I'm holding off playing it tomorrow, so I've got something to look forward to when I'm feeling all nervous before the op and uncomfortable afterwards), so I decided to crack out the first one for a play yesterday (I have this terrible habit of putting DS games away in the wrong cases, and it took me ages to track it down, of course it was in the last box that I looked in). Mr. Click had been sent a message to say it wasn't going to be delivered until the 13th, so it was a very pleasant surprise; he'd also got it gift-wrapped for me as well. Which was lovely.

And then there was the Book People order. Again, wasn't really expecting that. When I'd placed the order on Tuesday it'd said that due to our location it would be 3-5 working days. So I figured it'd get here on Monday. When we'd ordered from them before, I was sure it'd come by courier rather than by post, so it's arrival yesterday with the postman was a big surprise.

Of course, now I need to find a home for all those books. We've got our bookcase absolutely jam-packed right now. I rearranged it a little while ago when I realised that I'd read a great deal of the books on the shelf and so needed to get some that I was wanting to read. Right now I've got about nine more of the Terry Pratchett Discworld books to read (though I still have to get hold of Snuff) and then there's still a bunch of other Terry Pratchett books left to read after that (so they won't be going anywhere soon); there's the Stranger Than Fiction books, still have about five of those left to read; it's not even worth mentioning the Kathy Reichs books because there's so many of those still to go.

I've finished working my way through the Tolkien books now (so some of those can go away I suppose). I can probably squeeze Hunger Games and War Horse onto the bookcase, but perhaps we should just suck it up, take some measurements and order a new bookcase.

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