Sunday, 25 March 2012

Project 365+1 Days 78 - 84

It's been another busy week here (is it just me or has this year just been one busy week after another?) but the days are getting longer, brighter and hotter so I suddenly seem to be feeling more energy for getting out and doing things. I'm going to try and challenge myself to get outside and take as many photos out there as I can this week (if nothing else, just to make people who don't live where I do jealous)!

Unfortunately, most of the pictures I took this week were taken indoors, well into the evening and often at the very last minute before I went to bed... they aren't particularly interesting.
Day 78: Locked Up Tight
This is how we've resorted to keeping Carol in the cage. Not only do we have cable-ties, we've also got some letter-clip type things. They don't actually fit over all the bars very well, they don't line up well enough for that. But they're an extra thing that she would have to remove before she could open the door again, so hopefully they'll slow her down. So far they seem to be working.
Day 79: Empty Plates & Full Bellies
Monday night, Mr. Click made himself a vindaloo. We've had the jar sitting in the cupboard for ages just begging to be used up (I don't eat the stuff myself, I can't handle anything spicier than a Balti). So while I was chowing down on leftover roast (and numerous yorkshire puddings, and some of his rice... I was hungry) he ate his vindaloo. The house smelt of curry until the next morning, but he seemed to enjoy it. ;-)
Day 80: Goodies
Won some goodies in a quiz, so now I've got another hot chocolate mug. I have practically one for every day of the week now. Especially as while shopping in Oban yesterday we picked out our Easter Eggs for each other, both of which came with mugs. I'm rapidly building quite a collection. We're going to have to drink some of the alcohol we've been storing up on a shelf in the kitchen, so we've got somewhere for all these new cups to go!
Day 81: Sport Relief
It was also Sport Relief this week. In true charity style, we had a sporty dress up. Unfortunately, I own no sporty gear. For a long time my two top choices were swimsuit, dressing gown, goggles and towel (so I could be a swimmer) or my Red Cross gear and a first aid books (so I could be on hand to help injured sportspeople). Then Mr. Click managed to find a couple of cheap football tops in a charity shop (99p each!) so I was set.

Of course I had no idea who the teams or names were. I wore my hair in plaits (because the last time I actually played football I was probably about eight) and ended up going for the black and white top with some unpronouncable name on the back. It was all for charity after all. ;-)
Day 82: Sequel
This week I've been reading Inkspell, and let me tell you, that's no easy feat. As much as I'm loving the book, it's an absolutely beast. My copy is a hardback and it's so heavy and big it just won't fit into my work bag (but obviously, I'll talk about that more later when I review it ;-)). But it is truly beautiful.

I couldn't quite get the picture I wanted for this one. My battery died shortly after trying to take my first photo and I couldn't get the lighting right. I wanted it to look a bit softer and I'd left it too late to play around with it too much, so in the end I just snapped a picture with the flash and went to bed.
Day 83: Shopping List
We planned a trip to Oban yesterday. It's been an absolute age since the last time we were up there (read: about 18 months!) so I had the trip planned with military precision. Morning was going to be for charity shopping, afternoon for doing the main shop and then on the way back we'd stop at Inverary and have fish and chips from Mr. Pia's (seriously, go there, best fish and chips in Scotland).

Now we never go shopping without a list. At some point I really need to write a post about how we're ever-so-slightly frugal (to the point that we don't have a phone line, or a TV, or internet access). But we have a way of making a list. I'm sure other people just sit down and make a shopping list. We make a list of what we've got first of all, on the back of the list, then we come up with some meal ideas (usually to use up whatever we've got left), then we make the list.

We've got it down to a fine art now. We used to also write down the prices from the receipts of a previous shop, so we could compare prices, but we don't do that so much now.

The trip to Oban was lovely. Scotland gave us a sneak peek of summer (16 degrees at one point during the day), in fact it's still mostly here today. We went to every charity shop (and bought something in almost every one), got lots of books and DVDs and generally had a lovely relaxing day. And did all our shopping in record time.
Day 84: Vital Spark
And then when we headed home, got as far as Inverary, parked up (yay for free parking between November and March) and got our fish and chips, or chips with cheese in my case. Then we strolled down to the front and ate them. As soon as I saw the Vital Spark I knew I had to take a picture of it. Neil Munro, who created the Para Handy series was born in Inverary, hence the boat being there. And our local drama group put on a performance of one of the Para Handy plays last year.

The water was so still and calm and the sun was shining. It was the perfect end to a perfect day. And then we bought sweets from the sweet shop which just topped it all off nicely.

We're planning another spontaneous trip back up that way in the next month, one Saturday when the weather is nice.


  1. Aww Para Handy's Vital Spark!

    No naked bum dvds. You disappoint me Cait ;p

    1. Sorry, I shall try harder in the future. ;-)


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