Saturday, 31 March 2012

And Now For Some Stats

I've been meaning to make a post about this for some time, purely because it's something that amuses me. Having managed to get more or less caught up on my book reviews, I decided that now was a good time to do this.

One of my favourite things about Blogger is that you can check your stats to see which of your posts are most popular, what search terms are bringing people to your blog, where in the world your visitors are coming from and even what operating systems they're using. Yeah, I know, other blog providers let you do this as well, but I'm familiar with Blogger having spent most of my earlier years playing with LiveJournal, which doesn't have that feature.

Now it's fun to see where your visitors are coming from, but honestly my favourite thing is seeing which search terms are bringing people to the blog. Checking mine regularly has shown me that most of my visitors come from Google, which doesn't mean that it's showing up on the main Google search site. Most of mine actually come through the Google Image search.

I think it's hilarious to see which of my posts are most popular. I imagine my posts about the rats, certain book reviews, perhaps my Project 365+1 photos which I'm particularly proud of. But that's not the case. Last December I was watching and reviewing Christmas films, unfortunately I ran out of time to review every film that I watched (it was very time consuming tracking down pictures, writing out all my thoughts and getting it posted when I had access to internet). Despite this, these Christmas posts are still among my most popular:

Cap of my stats on the 25th of March
As you can seen, in a single week The Grinch and Home Alone 3 posts are my most popular. They get a fantastic number of page views per week. It's bizarre considering the fact that we're heading towards the end of March now, yet people are still searching for those films, or more specifically, pictures from those films!

As an aside, I'm quite pleased that my Post Op post is getting a good number of page views, I hope that continues. In the run up to having my own done I was desperately searching for blog posts and forum threads about the procedure I was having done, wanting to hear first hand from people who had it done. Hopefully my lengthy post could give a bit more information to someone in the same situation as I was.

My other favourite thing to do is to check out the search terms that have brought people to the blog as well. It's quite enlightening.
Cap of my stats on 25th of March
As you can see, a lot of people from Russia have been looking for pictures from The Grinch this week. It's quite funny really, I was expecting the random searches for Christmas film pictures would tail off as the year moved on, but it hasn't. I'm feeling rather curious to see whether this trend continues in the next three months.

Also, my favourite image search term is "cute rat pile" which brings up this image:
The definition of "cute rat pile"
I'm fairly certain the post it's bringing up is the one which I recently posted introducing all the girls. I mention them making a pile of shredded paper. But this combination of words has let to Bell's little mugshot appearing on page 6 of the Google image search.

I'm looking forward to seeing how my stats change in the coming months, the geek in me loves looking at statistics. I've noticed that the Terry Pratchett reviews get little spikes, I'm curious to see what future posts will do to my stats.


  1. Its fun isn't it?!

    Any post of some 70s dollybird that I put up gets dozens of views per day!

    1. Maybe that's the secret to blogging success, lots of bums! ;-p


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