Sunday, 1 April 2012

Project 365+1: Days 85 - 91

This'll be a quick one this week because although I managed to take a photo every day, there isn't a huge amount of variation between them all.

With the change in the clocks (and the shift I've been on) it's been prime time for taking photos during actual daylight hours, so I set myself a challenge to take all of my pictures outside this week. Unfortunately some days I almost forgot or didn't take my camera out, so only took the pictures a few steps outside the front or back door. There was also one day where I did take some photos outside, but ultimately preferred one that I took indoors.

I also tried to take all of my pictures with a lense that I've not used so far this year, at least, I don't think I have. I managed that too, until the last day when I tried to take my camera out for a walk and the battery died so I was forced to use my little compact instead.

I think it's been a good challenge for myself though and I'm thinking I'll try to do more in the way of outdoors photography while the weather is nice. It's also been good to remind myself that my little compact is perfectly adequate for taking nice pictures and that as nice as it is to use my big fancy camera, the compact can be easier to carry around (even if the viewfinder isn't really practical).

So here's a quick run down of the photos:
Day 85: Bumbly-bee
My husband had been planting a tree in his parents' garden earlier in day when I took this. I went out to admire their handiwork and spotted some of these busy guys hanging around the flowers. It took me several attempts to get a decent photo because they kept flying off, clearly they were a bit shy. I took a chance to get this one of a bumble on a slightly less impressive flower and it flew away moments later.

Day 86: Beyond The Gate
We went for a little walk after work on Monday. I should have been working on my OU assignment, something I've been struggling to motivate myself to do most of the week. I've now hit a point where I've got a vast chunk of it done but really need to finish it off. Thankfully I managed to get a good bit done when we got back from the walk and had time for a relaxing bath as well. It's just this afternoon that I've realised I've made a slight cock-up somewhere with it and will need to rewrite a significant part of it as well.

Anyway, the walk was lovely, we were gone about an hour and covered what I estimated to be about three miles. We've been given permission to get a dog now, so we're hoping that this is going to be a regular walk for us with the dog in tow. Actually, considering that the last fifteen minutes of this walk involve going uphill, hopefully we'll be the ones being towed...
Day 87: Sunrise
This is the one photo of the week that wasn't taken outdoors. It's looking out the front window (which is slightly steamed up - I'd actually drawn a cat face on one of the windows later in the week because I thought the shape looked vaguely cattish). I was just struck by the way the light was. I used my long lense and stood in the bedroom to take this and although I did try taking some pictures outside that evening, this was the one I liked the most.
Day 88: Sunset
And this one is a companion to the previous photo, taken from the garden. It's also the start of a set of photos featuring the sky and treetops which are all round our house. Umm... there's not really much else I can say about them... This one was taken out the back. I did try taking one from the living room looking out the bedroom window at the back while the sun was going down but I couldn't get a very good angle so I went outside instead.
Day 89: Treetops
What's a little bit sad is that I can immediately identify which side of the house each of these pictures was taken from. This one is outside the front door, towards the left of the house. The light wasn't brilliant and most of the pictures didn't come out very well. The photo I would have liked to have use was a close-up of our gate into the parking area outside our house but they were a bit blurry and not as sharp as I would have liked, so Treetops it is.
Day 90: Spring Sky
And this is the last of the sky/tree pictures, I promise. I will seriously try to take some more interesting photos in the coming weeks. I think I've exhausted the prospects of the trees around the house (this one is also outside the front door, this time to the right). It was a bit cooler on Friday but it was still wonderfully sunny, hardly any clouds and a brilliantly blue sky. Unfortunately it's been getting a bit greyer this weekend and apparently we're set for snow this week! So much for an early summer.
Day 91: Former Trees
On Saturday we repeated our Monday walk. Mr. Click was all for taking a different route, but I was hoping to get a couple of pictures which could go along with ones I'd taken earlier in the week (as it happened, I didn't use any of the ones I thought I would). Unfortunately this was when my camera battery died and I ended up using my little compact (which was set to the wrong white balance for half the walk and also hadn't had the time changed yet which makes it look like it took us an hour to get from one place to another when in reality it was only about twenty minutes).

There have been a lot of trees down after the storm earlier in the year and there's been a big clear up going on around the estate. This is a pile of trunks from one of the patches where they are bringing down trees. I'm not sure if the land is being cleared in preparation for new buildings. It makes it feel like a totally different route to previously.

On the way back we got to meet a couple of lovely dogs. It makes me so excited to think that in a few months we might be making this walk with a dog all of our very own.

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