Monday, 9 April 2012

Project 365+1: Days 92 - 98

This week began with a frantic rush to get my latest OU assignment finished. Despite knowing how important it was, I couldn't seem to get the motivation to get it finished. In the end I forced myself to sit down and actually pound it out, by last Sunday I'd managed to get it typed out and printed.
Day 92: Back To The Books
I sent Mr. Click to bed and I happily set to work making a mind-map, then a little plan, then I scribbled all over the print out and divided it into chunks of what was usable and what needed extra work. Then I called it a night, promising myself I'd work on it the following night.

Which I did:
Day 93: Editing
Surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, it didn't take me that long once I actually sat down to finishing it. I got best part of it sorted out that evening and then polished it off on the Tuesday and submitted about twelve hours early on the Wednesday.

I'm always the same, putting things off as much as possible until I can't any longer and then once I actually get down to it, it's almost never as bad as I think it'll be. Well, that's what I thought, we'll have to see what the tutor actuall thinks once she's read it. At least I've only got one more to do, I'm giving myself the Easter weekend to relax and then I'm going to get back to work and try and finish it all of early so I can start gearing up for my literature course.

Day 94: Welcome
I'd barely got in through the front door on Tuesday before Mr. Click had gotten a hammer out and decided to hang this picture. It was given to us as a house-warming gift by a friend, a lovely picture that she'd taken by herself. We've already got three pictures hanging up in the living room and I wanted to find a good spot for it.

In the end we settled for the front lobby so that it's the first thing you see when you come in through the front door, and the last thing you see on the way out the door. Plus the hallway is much lighter in colour, so it fits well in there. As we can't really see the sea very well from our place, it's nice to have a couple of seaviews around the inside of the house.

Day 95: Silent Witness
And here's a quick oh-shoot-I'd-better-take-a-photo-before-bed shot. We've taken to watching stuff on the laptop in bed at night if it's a bit early to go to sleep. This week it was the two episodes of Silent Witness we had recorded. I dug out my knitting, still working on the same scarf I've been trying to finish since the beginning of the year. Of course, Silent Witness is one of those programmes you really need to focus on (otherwise you might miss some significant look between Nikki and Harry ;-D) so I didn't touch my knitting, and by the second half I'd dumped it on the floor!

Day 96: Permission Will Be Granted
We've been hoping to get a dog for several months now but we've wanted to do things the right way, making sure it was something we could afford. Then of course we checked with our landlords to make sure that it was okay. They said yes, but we had to pay a deposit in case the dog decided to dig up the carpet or eat a door or something. But the letter seemed to take a while to get to us, so Mr. Click stopped by the office to ask if we could go ahead and pay. Ironically, then the letter showed up telling us that it was fine to get a dog once they'd received the deposit.

So now we're officially ready to get a dog. We just have to find one! We've been looking at a couple of shelters, but as I'm only online every few days it feels like slow going. I know that we need to get the right dog for us, but it seems like it's taken months to get to this point and I just want to have someone to lavish attention on and take for walkies right NOW!

I'm being patient, really. ;-)
Day 97: Poddington Pea
And speaking of dogs. That's my old dog's toy. Well, technically not. Technically it's a toy that was at my in-laws' house which my pooch loved to sneak off with when he came round to visit. I was always worried that he was going to choke on the nose or something, but he just used to like carrying it around with him.

Now this Poddington Pea lives down my side of the bed, where my dog used to sleep, so I can reach out and feel it there, just like when I used to read out and stroke my pooch. Obviously I'll have to find a new place for it when we've got a new dog, I'm thinking up on top of my wardrobe (Poddington Pea used to live on top of a wardrobe before, but our pooch used to sit staring up at it until you felt guilty enough to lift it down - yup, I'm a pushover).
Day 98: Whomping Willow
I've been wanting to use a picture of this tree for ages, but I've never really been sure that a photo would come out very well, but having been having a Harry Potter marathon weekend (especially after watching Prisoner of Azkaban) I decided that now would be a good time to try getting a picture of it.

This is part of the view out of our bathroom window. Whenever I catch sight of this tree I'm always reminded of the Whomping Willow in Harry Potter.

Okay... maybe just a bit...

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