Sunday, 15 April 2012

Introducing the newest member of Click's Clan...

Meet Tara, she's a seven-month-old black lab and she moved in this weekend.

She was a little bit nervous in the car coming home because she's not used to long distance car trips but after a little while she settled down. She's ever so curious about things. On the way back, every time we drove past a field with cows in it, the ears pricked up and she studied them until they were out of sight. The same thing happened when we were overtaken by a couple of motorbikes and she kept on looking at them until they disappeared off in front. It was the same with the people in yellow jackets with bikes on the ferry.

It's good fun keeping an eye out to see what it is that's going to catch her eye next. When we go for walks it's different sounds; a woodpecker, a helicopter, ducks. Of course there are some which she still isn't too sure of, most recently today, the clocks chiming at my in-laws'. They didn't go on for long enough for her to work out where in the room it was coming from and she wasn't sure she wanted to go any closer to find out anyway. She just stood in the doorway looking puzzled.

We've already had several nice long walks. Once we got her home, got her stuff unloaded and had a little rest, we headed off for our first walk. It's one of my favourites but it was so nice to go with Tara. She had to sniff pretty much every bush and tree. She was well tired out by the time we got home but all the same, we took another little walk before bed just to be sure - this time in the opposite direction.

She woke us a couple of times in the night, she just seemed to be checking that we were still there (and whether or not there were any biscuits going). And she started getting really restless at about 5:30am so come 6:30am we were up and heading out. We retraced our steps from the previous day and then turned around and I let Tara decide which way to go next, either towards the front entrance or towards the back entrance.

She chose the front so we headed along quite a way, until I started needing the loo and told her turn back and go the other way. She was starting to flag herself so she was quite pleased to head back.

We have lunch at my Mr. Click's parents' on a Sunday and I'll admit we were both a bit nervous about how they would take to each other (Tara and my in-laws', not my mum- and dad-in-law; they've been happily married for fifty years). We needn't have worried at all.

Mr. Click's mum was smitten pretty much immediately; then Tara demonstrated how to give a paw and she fell head over heels in love. As for Mr. Click's dad, I'm not sure who is soppier of the pair; as soon as he sat in his seat, Tara climbed onto his lap and started giving him kisses.

Bringing her here has been good for giving us all a chance to let her off the lead. She went wild; charging round the garden, digging up the compost, finding shells in flowerpots, investigating new smells and posing for some impromptu photos. It's been fun for us all.

Tara, exploring.
We're planning another walk tonight, close to bedtime so that she can tire herself out again. And so we can tire ourselves out as well - it's funny because I've wanted a dog for so long and I kept on dreaming I'd got one, then waking up and finding it wasn't real; now I've got one, but I kept on waking myself up to check.

It was definitely worth the wait getting her and I'm really looking forward to getting to know more about her. :-)


  1. She's adorable Cait. Really beautiful

    Boozy's still getting restless around 5am himself, a month down the line, I've taken to waking up and bringing him back upstairs with me haha

  2. She's really fantastic. I missed her so much today it was incredible. I've made sure I've got some photos of her to pin up on my desk tomorrow.

    She was much better in the night last night, we told her to go back to sleep and she did. Took her for a good walk this morning at 6am which she enjoyed... my legs are suffering a bit now, hehe.

    There's nothing nicer than having a good snuggle with a dog. :-)


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