Saturday, 21 April 2012

Project 365+1: Day 99 - 103

Having acquired the lovely Tara last week, the time when I would normally blog was taken up with running around the garden and playing with squeaky toys. Of course, earlier in the week I’d managed to catch myself up with my book review posts, but I never actually got around to scheduling them to post and I didn’t get my photos organised either.
So this is me catching up… I’m only about two weeks behind.
099 - Happy Easter
Day 99 - Happy Easter
This year we were rather unromantic in our Easter Egg giving. While we were shopping in Oban we picked out which eggs we wanted and paid for them on the joint account. Tempted as we were by the Rocky Road eggs, in the end we decided to add to our mug collection. Many years ago I had a Smarties mug so when I saw that one I knew it had to be mine. I’m yet to take it out of the box yet actually (though I’ve eaten the Smarties that came with it) because I have this little tradition of not eating my egg until my birthday (or after), unfortunately with Easter being ridiculously early this year, I’ve had rather a long wait!
100 - Growing Tall
Day 100 - Growing Tall
This is the plant that I took a photo of a couple of months back. It’s grown really tall now. We’ve got to keep twisting it round so that it doesn’t lean too far towards the window and topple over. I’m not normally very good with plants (the trees outside are looking a bit brown and I didn’t think you had to actually do anything to keep them going, apparently I can kill plants through sheer proximity) so it’s a small miracle that this one has reached such heady heights!
101 - So My Friend Wrote This Book
Day 101 - So My Friend Wrote This Book...
On the day we went to get Tara I finally managed to finish reading the last of the Inkheart trilogy (review post to follow shortly) and so before we left the house I devoured the above book, written by a very good friend. Weird Things Customers Say In Bookshops actually came into my possession a little earlier than that though, but I’m determined to just read one book at a time (course books for my OU excluded of course) so I had to hold fire reading it until I’d made my way to the end of Inkdeath. In order to spur me on, I left Weird Things on the bookshelf, just about at eye level, so it could taunt me until I was ready to start it.
102 - Clouds and Trees
Day 102 - Clouds & Trees
Another pretty sunset. Thanks to doing training at work, I’ve spent the last three weeks on the same shift, which in theory makes taking pictures outdoors in daylight pretty easy. Of course I can be a bit lazy about it, which is probably just as well otherwise I’d end up with hundreds of photos like this one. It always amazes me the different colours we get in the sky here and the week before last was pretty much like summer. This is the view to the side of our house, basically what I see when I get out of the car after work.
103 - The Last Book
Day 103 - The Last Book
And the last book in the Inkheart trilogy. All three were so thick, and were all housed on my Tolkien shelf (which as you can see has been invaded ever-so-slightly). In fact, Inkspell never made it onto the shelf officially. Before I read it, it perched atop the other books and after I read it, it sat on my bedside table because I kept on meaning to copy out the books mentioned in it into my ‘To Remember’ section of my book journal. All three books are such tomes that I knew I had to get through them quickly because I keep on going to charity shops and acquiring new books so I was getting very short on space. They’ve now been rehoused in a box in the spare bedroom waiting for me to get around to reorganising the bookcase with some new reading material.
So that’s where I’ll leave this quick round-up. The next batch of photos are rather Tara-centric, so I think I should post them all together. And I’ll try and be a bit more organised with my scheduling so I don’t end up with such a backlog again.

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