Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A little catch up

I've been a little bit quiet here this week because my in-laws weren't well at the weekend so we gave them a quiet day on Sunday. Sunday is normally the day when I get all of the photos off my camera and write out planned blog posts. By rights I could have posted something on Sunday, but I got stuck into knitting my Santa and didn't really do much of anything else that day.

This is Santa shortly after I stuffed and sewed him up. I'm quite impressed with how well he's come together. All of this was knitted in one piece and then you sew him up, stuff him, and sew the last bit up. The neck is the best bit of all, you just wove a bit of thread in between the stitches around the neck where the decreases were, pulled it tight and suddenly Santa's head was separate from the rest of his body.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to add his arms on because Tara got excited and knocked my table, splashing lemonade all over Santa's arms. I had to wash them out then couldn't sew them up and stuff them until they were dry. I'm hoping to get some work on that done tonight, just as soon as I've finished getting caught up online.

I've also been getting stuck into my new OU course. It doesn't technically start until this Saturday coming, but what with work (and a school disco, woo hoo, better dig out that old school tie), I thought it better to get stuck in sooner rather than later. I've almost finised the first chapter and I've been quite enjoying studying Othello. It's really good to do the activities in the book, read the discussion and realise that I'm actually on the right track.

Anyway. I'm a little bit behind on book reviews and things. I've got some book tree posts which I'll start listing soon, now that the book tree is pretty much finished, everyone involved should know who picked which book.

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