Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Interesting Stats

Took a peek at my stats today for the first time in a while, with some interesting results:

Search keywords 11/09/12
The bottom one is, I think, a search leading to my post on my hydrotubation and laparoscopy. I'm really pleased about that one because it gets lots of hits. When I was getting ready to have the op I struggled to find information about what it actually involved so I'm glad that people are finding it and I hope it's useful for them.

The second from the bottom is obviously linking to my review of Terry Pratchett's The Wee Free Men. The Terry Pratchett review posts tend to get a lot of views as well, I can understand why.

'Christmas bean' is probably linking my my review post on Mr Bean's Christmas that we watched last December, hehe. Those posts still get dozens of pageviews each week. Bizarrely I get a lot of views on The Grinch and Home Alone films from Russia and Germany, I wish I knew the reason for this.

The second from top is probably people who know me googling the blog. Might actually be me when I've accidentally hit the search bar on my iPhone rather than the address bar, hehe.

But it's the top on that gets me.

I have no idea why 'diddly bears in Scotland' is linking to my site, or even why three people have searched for that! It appears to be connected to a YouTube video which is spamming lots of blogs, which is a little bit boring really. But if you have visited today (and aren't a spambot) feel free to leave me a comment explaining exactly what it was you were looking for. ;-)

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  1. Haha I love stats, so random. Think I might have to take a look at mine again


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