Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Project 365+1 (Day 245: The Joy of Socks) & OU

My husband took pity on me (and my holey socks) last week and treated us both to new socks.

They're all funky colours and I've got twelve pairs in total so plenty of opportunities for mixing and matching. Mr Click's aren't in as interesting colours as mine, they're more sensible but still stripey and nice patterns.

The ratties are inheriting all of the holey socks, much to Tara's disgust. They'll make little hammocks and sleeping bags for winter. ;-)

Yesterday I arrived home to find a big box waiting for me from the Open University. It contained this:

So now I'm almost all set for A230, in fact as soon as I unpacked my box and found all these goodies I started making notes.

On Sunday I realised that this had been despatched so I knew it was on its way so I ordered the last six course books I needed. £35 but as it was on books I'm not going to complain. Book-money is always well spent.

Now I'm just waiting for Othello to arrive so I can get properly stuck in. Quite excited now.

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