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Project 365+1: Days 246 - 258

As I was hanging with a cold last week and in no fit state to leave the house I didn't get a chance to upload all my photos so here's another batch for the last two weeks. Unfortunately they're mostly phone photos (and there's a lot of knitting pictures) because I've been both poorly and tired (and my fancy camera needs a good charging).

Day 246: Box of Goodies
I got a nice little surprise when I came home from work to find a box sitting on the doorstep. I'd been expecting it, so it wasn't as big a surprise as it could have been, luckily I'd realised it was on the way so I got all my required reading books ordered. It was a bit like Christmas when the big box of goodies from the OU arrives, I had great fun opening it up and looking at all of the books I'll probably come to be very annoyed with by the time my exam is drawing near.

That one on top is the first of three course books, but hidden under the brown paper on the right is also a fiction book and a DVD. These books aren't quite as nice as the ones I had for my linguistics courses, not as many pictures, hehe, but it's been good fun getting stuck in in preparation for when the course begins at the end of the month.

247: Cowgirl
As part of the STV Scotland's Biggest Tea Party, we had a tea party at work. Of course we had to get dressed up for the occasion so everyone in my team decided to go the easy route and dress up as cowboys/cowgirls. This is possibly one of the easiest costumes to put together: checked shirt (stolen from my husband, so new he hadn't even worn it yet), jeans, boots, cowboy hat (I have no idea where that one came from, I think it just materialised in the cupboard one day). I actually left the hat in the car that morning, and it's been so long since I've worn three inch heels that walking was a little bit tricky, but we had nice cake and raised lots of money so it was a very good day.

248: Ray of Light
Now that the evenings have started drawing in (and Summer has decided it's just not worth the effort anymore), walking Tara is becoming a little difficult because you can't always see where you're going. Plus we live on a big old estate with a Gothic mansion which is illuminated at night so you can just make it out through the trees being all old and creepy; it's really just a matter of time before we're attacked by a vampire or werewolf.

So Mr Click decided to solve this problem by buying some supernatural creature repellant torches. After the problems we had at the beginning of the year (read: not having power for five days) we decided to go with some wind-up ones which we don't have to worry about having batteries for. They're definitely a success, though I'm still a little bit chicken about going outside in the dark.

249: And So It Begins
Here is photographic evidence that I've started work on my OU course a little bit in advance of when I'm supposed to. In truth I had to stop shortly after this point because I couldn't go any further without having read Othello (which I finished this morning, yay! Time for more notemaking). I like to make really detailed notes when I'm studying, so I can take everything in and it makes it easier to go back and find useful points. So far, so good, there's not been anything I've not understood yet.

250: More Supplies
I've been getting quite close to the end of the Terry Pratchett Discworld book series, so I've been organising books to take their place on the bookcase. Well, as we were off the island and wandering around charity shops I decided to treat myself to some books to keep the shelves from looking too empty.

The first of the books is written by Christopher Timothy about making the 'All Creatures Great and Small' TV series. As we've just started rewatching the DVDs of this, I thought it would be interesting to read at the end. Next is a study guide for Othello, bought just in case I need a little bit more help making sense of the text. Then a new series from Kathy Reichs which I've been looking out for since last year. And lastly a book to keep the little linguistic geek in me happy; it got mixed reviews from people on my course last year but I like the sound of it so I'm going to devote a section of my reorganised bookshelf to books about language.

251: Sometimes You Need A Cuddle
Mr Click hates this photo, so ignore his weird expression (seriously, this was the best of four) and just enjoy the cute labrador all snuggled up on the sofa she's not allowed on. I'm much stricter than Mr Click and rarely allow her up on the furniture...

Day 252: Get Comfy
... well, sometimes.

Day 253: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!
Having been unsuccessful in my attempts to knit an elephant, I came across this lovely knitting pattern book filled with really simple patterns for toys. I've been in a bit of a knitting funk this year. I like things that knit up quickly but which aren't too repetitive, but which are easy enough that you can read or watch TV while you're doing them. My last project required a lot of attention on the lacework and got a little bit tedious.

Plus I've got loads of wool that needs to be used up, but seldom have exactly the required sort or quantity that I need for half the projects I want to try. I'd considered just knitting up a bunch of random socks to use it all up, but then I decided cuddly toys might be a bit more fun. And they are, this is Santa's boots, trousers and part of his body (I've very nearly finished him now). He's been nice and quick to knit up and, incredibly, I had all the colours I needed. I was anticipating him taking a while I knit up, hence starting him in September, but I think I'm going to look out some more similar patterns and make a bunch of Christmas decorations in the run up to Christmas.

Day 254: So That's Where I Left It
The other morning I was getting ready to go to work, and running spectacularly late on account of not being organised the night before. I knew I would be going to my in-laws' house after work so spent much of the time that I should have spent getting dressed organising my knitting stuff to take with me (for Father Christmas, remember).

That evening I sat down to dig out my knitting and discovered I was a ball of red wool short. I tentatively knit a few rows worrying the whole time that I was going to run out and have to give up because I'd not brought a spare ball with me. When I mentioned this to Mr Click he responded with "oh, I was wondering why there was a ball of wool in the bathroom".

Apparently, when he'd been home earlier in the day he'd spotted a random ball of wool behind the toilet and had wondered whether the spare bedroom had suddenly become too small to hold my vast wool collection so I'd started on the shelf in in the bathroom. I informed him that, just for the record, if he ever finds a ball of wool in the bathroom he should bring it with him because I've probably forgotten to put it in my bag.

Day 255: Butterfly Bag
Roughly once a year I replace my everyday shoulder bag with a slightly less battered and worn out shoulder bag. These are usually charity shop acquisitions and so sometimes are already a bit battered when they come to me (a situation that does not improve with my use). I'd made a noise about having to get a new bag as my green one is shedding sequins and sparkly bits, but hadn't as yet found anything that would be suitable.

Luckily my Mum-in-law was on the case and found this lovely little thing. It's a bit smaller than my last one but big enough for a paperback, my book journal and purse, along with other little essentials. And it's got butterflies on it, which I love so all in all, very good find, Mum.

Day 256: Othello
This is an 'Oops, I'm in bed and I've not taken a photo yet' photo, though it does a good job of showing the annoying formatting in the copy of Othello that I had to read. I've also just noticed that the angle it was taken at makes it looks like two of the legs have fallen off our wardrobe; rest assured that's not the case, I just don't happen to be very good at taking one handed photos on my iPhone.

Day 257: Return of the Halti
Tara's gradually gotten better at walking on the lead. The metal chain certainly helped, but recently she's gotten really pully again and on the advice of a friend from work, we got a Halti. And it was incredible! Suddenly Tara was walking to heel, she virtually stopped pulling, our two walks were nice and relaxing and I didn't feel like I was trying to correct her behaviour the whole time. It was perfect.

Until the next morning when the Halti was left in a bag where Tara could get at it and she decided to eat the damn thing, rendering it completely useless. Actually, she didn't eat the whole thing, mostly just the clasp as you can kind of see in the picture above. I love the look of fear and worry on her face in the picture, just a fraction of a second after I took this picture she tried to have another chop on it!

But rest assured, we've had the last laugh. Mr Click ordered a new Halti and she's back to walking nicely on the lead again. And we're keeping this one well out of her reach!

Day 258: Skinny Santa
And this is where I stand with Santa at the moment. He's going to need a hand this Christmas, and a lot of stuffing, but he's coming together quite nicely. I'm sure he'll look a lot better once he's got his nice white trimming on his cuffs, oh, and a hat, and a beard, and a face...

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