Monday, 29 October 2012

A Statistical Interlude

I do enjoy checking the stats on my blog, it's really quite enlightening and amusing to see just what it is that gets people clicking over here.

Certainly some posts get a lot more traffic than others. It always used to be the Home Alone, The Grinch and Mr Bean film reviews that got the heaviest traffic (and by mentioning those here I've probably guaranteed that this post will get a sudden spike in search results). But some of the book reviews have given them a run for their money. Generally anything about a book by Terry Pratchett will guarantee a lot of hits, but I've discovered a new leader for most popular book review.

Pageviews per post as of 28/10/12
This is the page views for this week (though it's pretty much looked like this since I posted the book review for A Game of Thrones back in September). As you can see, the next highest post is around 70 pageviews less popular (and it's the Home Alone film review post, in case you were wondering).

It can also be a little alarming discovering what search terms are bringing people to your blog. Allow me to demonstrate:

Search keywords as of 28/10/12
The top ones as you can see are all about A Game of Thrones, so far, so good. Then we've got some random searches, but the one that really worries me is the second from the bottom 'men having a wee'.

I'm a little worried about this for two reasons: one, why has that search term brought someone to my blog (I'm guessing it's because of The Wee Free Men review, at least, I hope that's what it is), but two, why would you want to search for that?

On second thoughts, maybe I'd rather not know!

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