Sunday, 7 October 2012

Project 365+1: Days 272 - 278

It's been a bit of an up and down week, what with Bell. It's also been a very busy week (for much the same reason) so I've been glad of a long weekend to relax and get over things (as well as a chance to get properly stuck into my OU stuff).

Day 272: Tuck Shop
Saturday, after work, I went home, got dressed up in a school uniform-ish outfit and went to the school campus here (not the same school I went to when I was younger, but for some of the people I work with, it's not been all that long since they were there themselves).

It wasn't until I came to actually pick a photo for my day's photo that I realised that they all contained people from work dressed up as school children and that they might not be too keen on me sharing them on here. With a careful bit of cropping, this one will do the job. It's hardly a brilliant photo, but this is the tuck shop that was put together for nibbles, carefully edited out of the top of the photo is my boss (that version is for our Facebook group ;-)).

Day 273: The Lost World
The Lost World & Other Stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has been my book of the week this week. It's taken me a little while to get through it because I've been trying to get into a routine with my OU as well as still getting to grips with the new shift schedule at work. On the whole I enjoyed it, I'm in the process of writing a review for it just now, so I'll get all of my thoughts on here just as soon as I've finished getting caught up with all my reviews.
Day 274: Stuffed Marrow
My father-in-law has grown marrows in his garden this year and so I begged and begged and begged that we might have stuffed marrow. I can't remember the last time I had it, though I have a very clear memory of being about seven or eight and tucking into it. Mr Click did a great job, and the marrow was fabulous. Unfortunately we've eaten the last of the marrows now, but I've already requested at least three for next year.

Day 275: School Ties
I went to two secondary schools and I've held on to both of my school ties, for some random reason, just in case I need to dress up as a school girl for a disco again I suppose. Technically I could have had three ties because the stripey one was from my old school and the one with the shield on it was my senior tie from my school in Scotland. The senior school here has both a junior and senior tie, when I moved here it made sense to just wear the senior tie otherwise I would've had to get a new one after a year anyway, but now I kind of wish I'd got that one as well, it would've completed the set somehow.

Day 276: Safe At Home
This was the little nest we made up for Bell when we got her home. There was a box with blankets inside and outside and a heating pad under the table. It was all nice and cosy for her and she seemed very comfortable. I'm glad that we had her here with us in the end.

Day 277: Ducks
The above picture is a gift from a family friend as a sort of house-warming gift. They came up to visit and take my in-laws out for an early anniversary meal (to the same restaurant that we're now planning to visit for our anniversary because they gave it a very good review). This was made by our friend and we've already got one of her pictures that she made for us for our wedding. We've just got to find the right place in the house to put it (or maybe take down another picture we've got hanging up and swap it for this one for a change in scenery for a while).

Day 278: Leftovers
We try to order Chinese as a treat roughly every other month. This normally works out pretty well, it's a Valentine treat, my birthday treat, a celebration of our courses finishing/exams, and then to celebrate the start of the next course and then again for Mr Click's birthday. Not having it too often means that it's a proper treat, but at the same time, you know you're going to be having it fairly regularly.

Generally speaking, we order a little bit extra, so we can have leftovers the next day. It means that we can have a bit more choice, because the portions are so large that we can never manage it all in one go and it'd be a bit boring just to have two things (plus, I used to be vegetarian and it meant that otherwise Mr Click would have to have lots of veggie stuff rather than things that he liked).

And, now I'm going to go and sort out the photos that I took during our walk yesterday. There are so many lovely ones that I'm going to give myself a week to decide which one will be the photo for Day two-hundred-and-seventy-nine.

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