Thursday, 4 October 2012

Sleep Tight Bell

My beautiful Bell rat slipped away in the night. :-(

She made it through the op and they got the lump. She took a white to come round from the anaesthetic so we visited her at about 5:30pm, then left her there until about nine. By then she had perked up and was doing her best to move around the box so we brought her home and settled her into our hospital cage.

She settled down and went to sleep, warm and safe, at home.

From the moment I saw Bell I knew she was going to be mine, we'd only planned on bringing home two rats and she was so pretty that I knew she would be one of the two (of course up popped another rat, and another, and we just couldn't leave anyone behind).

She was my BabyBell, my Beautiful Bell, my Silver Bell. She had a love heart between her shoulder blades and the fur there was velvet soft. When you rubbed her head or behind her ears she would brux and boggle like a mad thing. She'd always wash Carol's chin and neck if she thought Carol was being a bit lax.

The day we brought them all home we saw a lovely rainbow; driving Bell to my in-laws' to bury her we saw a hint of one in the sky.

She was one of a set and I've got a little rat-shaped hole in my heart right now, but she's at peace and that big lump has gone.

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