Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Book 47 of 2014: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

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We’re finally drawing near to the end of the books that I read last year. So far this year I’ve almost read as many books as I managed in 2014, so at least I know I’ve got enough book review blog posts to see me through a couple more years!

During my Open University Children’s Literature course I had to study the first Harry Potter book, which prompted a reread of the series. It took me quite a while because I read quite a few other books in between each of the Harry Potter books and I finally reached Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in November last year. I was determined to get to the end of them before the end of 2014.
For some inexplicable reason I wrote this into my book journal as Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which I’d read just a few weeks before. I have now idea why.

I’ve read and reread the Harry Potter books so many times now that I sometimes wonder if I’ve said everything that there is to say about them. But then again, there’s something about J.K. Rowling’s stories which mean that even when you think you’ve spotted all the little details in them, you read them again and find something new.

As usual I loved rereading this book. I don’t normally cry at books. There are two which I can think of offhand which make me bawl, The Time Traveler’s Wife and The Fault in Our Stars (and the latter I’ve only read the once). I haven’t yet cried at any of the Harry Potter books, but I did feel kind of choked up at the end of this one. I guess it’s just that sensation of realising that you’re reaching the end of such an important series.

I know I’ll never be able to go back and reread it for the first time again, but I also know that there won’t be any more books. And that makes me sad. So I’m sad for the events that happen in this book. I’m sad for the characters. I’m sad for it being the last book in a series I love. And I’m sad for me. So I think it’s okay to feel a bit choked up with all the sad going around there.

On this reread I’ve kind of grown to love Snape a bit more. When I first read the books for the first time I didn’t really feel as much for him as I do now. I guess I’ve grown up a lot myself and I look at his storyline differently now I how I did as a teenager. I think I understand him and the things he does better now. Ten years ago I guess my world was more black and white, now I see the shades of grey and there is a lot of grey in the character of Severus Snape.

As usual I didn’t have room for all of my favourite quotes in my book journal. I copied out so many quotes that I only had a few lines to write up my review! I’m sure I’ve noticed them before, but there are an awful lot of one-liners. Considering how dark the storyline of this book is, it’s a welcome relief to get some occasional little bright spots of humour.

Another thing I’ve discovered on this reread is that I am kind of a closet Harry/Luna shipper (clearly not so in the closet now). I can’t help but love their little bits together, especially when Luna takes Harry to the Ravenclaw common room (side note: I love the Ravenclaw common room, I’m such a Ravenclaw). I just wish we got to see more of Luna in the series, or that she could get a whole series of her own!


  1. I can't believe you kept up other posts while also doing the A to Z! I agree, I love Snape more on every reread too. Dobby's death usually makes me cry. Aww.

    1. Hehe, there was a lot of scheduling going on, trust me! ;-)

      I know lots of people loved Snape from the start, but I'm definitely more of a slow-burner when it comes to him. Now I definitely appreciate him a lot more.


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