Thursday, 9 April 2015

Wreck This Journal: Leave This Page Blank On Purpose

Are you visiting in search of my A to Z Challenge post? It went up earlier on, click here to view it.

I've neglected my Wreck This Journal somewhat recently. Once I got caught up with my Finish This Book I spent most of the time that I'd usually spend on my Wreck This Journal doing the other book instead.

We've still been getting the usual junk mail that I'd cut bits out of for this book, but those cutting and sticking pages are starting to get a bit full so I'm turning my attention to the rather more destructive pages. Having said that, the page I'm sharing today was added to by cutting words out of a magazine.

I did share it back in August last year when it had a measly four 'blank's on it:

Since then I've been looking out for the word 'blank' in magazines and junk mail to carry on adding to this page and I've doubled the number of blanks on this page now:

Now I'll admit, only about two of those blanks were actually the word 'blank' most of them were 'blanket' and I snipped the last two letters off.

I'm not sure I'll ever get this page quite as full as some of the others I've been decorating in the same way; my Circles and Ws pages spring to mind here. I won't mind if I can just get twenty or so words stuck on here, it's kind of meant to be an ironic take on the instruction after all.

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