Thursday, 6 August 2015

Knit-tivity Progress

I know, I've fallen behind on my Finish This Book and Wreck This Journal so I'm kind of using my Thursday posts for sharing my progress on my Christmas Crib. Part of the reason why I'm getting through this so quickly is that I've been neglecting my books in favour of playing with a couple of sticks at some string.

My third Wise Man is coming together really well. At the moment I'm finishing up the decoration on his robe before moving on to the other essential bits, like arms. I like it when I reach this stage because all the big bits are done, everything that follows is a little more fiddly but it knits up fast and the character of the figure really comes out.

That's how he looked at the weekend, before I finished the robe. I didn't quite follow the instructions which tell you to work for 30-something rows or until it's 1cm shorter than your figure. I just knit the suggested number of rows on each Wise Man so their robes are a little longer than they should be. I think it just makes them look more regal.

I've also really cracked Mattress Stitch now:

It's a little wonky at the top and bottom of this picture but I love that you can barely see the seam. It's like magic!

Hopefully by this time next week Melchior will be well and truly finished and I'll be onto my shepherds and their flock.


  1. I stayed up past midnight last night to finish a hat I was working on. Yep, knitting is much more fun.

    1. Oh definitely. Though if I stay up too late I'm more inclined to make mistakes. There are plenty of things I'd happily put off doing in favour of knitting.


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