Sunday, 14 February 2016

Weekly Rundown: Super Shopping Trip

All this week I've been getting up early so I can get to work a little ahead of normal time. I've been banking hours in order to finish a little early next week for my trip to Wales.

Normally this would mean a nice long lie on Saturday. But not this week.

Yesterday the alarm went off at 6am so we could get up and out nice and early. We had to leave the house at 7am. I finally dragged myself out of bed at about ten to. I was this close to telling Mr Click to go without me so I could stay in bed and take it easy all day.

I'm really glad that I did go though.

Out first stop was a garden centre to pick up some potatoes for my father-in-law. Cardwell Garden Centre has a craft shop which I like to visit when I get a chance. Alas, yesterday it was just not meant to be. We were there too early and the craft shop was closed. So we skipped that one and headed straight on to Lidl, via Tesco's car park while we deal with a suspected puncture.

Happily the car was fine and we were able to move on with the day, just a little later than expected.
I had a great time in Lidl and scored some fantastic 'decorative tape' in there. On all the Bullet Journal sites I see people using washi tape to mark off sections of their books, cover up mistakes, highlight and decorate areas of their plans. There have been a few times when I've thought it would be handy to have something to make things stand out.

About a week ago people in the UK started sharing the decorative tape they'd picked up in Lidl and I really wanted to get some. I was fairly certain that it would all be gone by the time we went this week. On my first trip round the shop I couldn't see any and I guessed that we'd missed it. Then I looked a bit closer and I found twelve different packs of the stuff. All at 99p each.

I did the logical thing and bought them all.

Another thing I picked up yesterday was a pencil case. I feel like I'm back at school! Since I splurged on the pack of 30 Staedtler Triplus Fineliners, I knew I needed something more practical than the box they came in to travel to Wales with but I was struggling to find a decent pencil case which would hold all the pens I like to take about with me. Then we stopped into Tesco and I found a pretty one for £3.

I may have also picked up Taylor Swift's 1989 CD as well; because I need music to listen to on the way down south.

Of course, I still have to finish washing the clothes I need to pack. I still need to actually pack. I still need to print off my luggage labels and decide which bag I'm using as hand luggage.

But at least I have pretty stationery supplies!


  1. Well, priorities - you've done the important things. Btw, I got a Fitbit this week - your post was very helpful in deciding which one.

    1. Congratulations on your new Fitbit. Hope you're getting on okay with it. :-)

  2. What is it about pretty stationary supplies that we just love? I have a bunch of colored tape, pens, post it notes and pretty writing stationery with envelopes that I just love.

    1. I don't know, but I'm slightly addicted to stationery and things. When I went to Wales I brought back pens, a notebook and lots and lots of stickers!

  3. You've got the important stuff done ;)

    1. Hehe, yeah, that's the main thing.


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