Monday, 5 September 2016

Bullet Journalling in September

September is one of those awkward months where everything starts in the middle of the week. I think we should overhaul our calendar so that we can have all months beginning on a weekend, with the same number of days in each month. It would just be tidier somehow.

At the moment a lot of my September pages in my Bullet Journal look like this:

Yeah, I pencil everything in first before going over it in pen. Sometimes it stays in pencil all month, sometimes it winds up in varying stages from pencilled in to mostly pen, to all pen.

At the start of this book I did everything in a rainbow of colours, but I've been trying to pick specific colour themes for each month now. August's was a really vague 'all the greens and yellows and oranges' so it didn't look that great.

This month is a really specific autumn theme:

I'd planned to go for a different style of calendar this month, but I ran out of time. This one was easy to copy from the previous month, whereas doing a new one would've required counting and maths and stuff. I didn't have time for that on a Wednesday evening. Next month I'll probably change it up.

I've also been sticking to a similar daily layout each day. I recently added in a time tracker so I could try and find a pattern between how I was sleeping and what I'd been up to during the day. But my daily layouts didn't really allow for easy comparison.

This month I've got a whole page dedicated to where I spend my time. Of course, I'm sleeping relatively normally at the moment, so I might not get any benefit from it this month. But even if I don't, it's an interesting exercise.

Removing the time tracker from the daily layouts has given me the incentive to mix up my daily headers. I wanted to be a little more creative in my Bullet Journal and this is a simple way to be slightly more creative.

It's fun coming up with little ways to make them quirky and fun, yet still practical with all the information I want to record. Each evening, when I sit down to make up my next day's plan, I spend a few minutes trying to think of an interesting way to decorate the day. It's definitely stretching my creative muscles.

If you keep a planner or Bullet Journal, how to you mix things up to keep it fun and interesting?


  1. I've never created a bullet journal but I'm glad you're having fun with it.

    1. Thanks. It's really useful and gives me an easy creative outlet too.


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