Wednesday, 7 September 2016


... all. of. the. things!

I'm off to a work do tomorrow, in Edinburgh (Woo Hoo!) so I'm typing this whilst sitting in a bit of a nest of cables from all the things I have charging right now.

Whilst working on my laptop I'm charging my Fitbit (which was due a charge anyway), my powerbank (for the journey home on Friday, just in case), my laptop is actually on charge (because I've been running it off battery since Sunday), on the windowsill is my Kindle (which is getting a boost so I can read on the journey), and my ancient camera (because I don't want to take one of my good ones and this is small enough to fit in my clutch bag).

Not currently charging is my phone, but that's only because I only have one cable for my phone and Kindle, so they have to take it in turns.

And whilst typing this, I've remembered I was going to charge my ancient old MP3 player. I'd better get on that as well!

If we had an electricity usage meter in the house right now the needle would be in the red!

Not pictured: All of the other things currently charging!
... mentally for tomorrow.

It's going to be a long day since we leave from work, travel to the hotel, check in, get ready, go to the event which doesn't finish until after midnight, get back to the hotel, grab a couple of hours sleep, and then head home.

On the one hand, I'm really excited. On the other hand, I'm wearing a dress. A dress! It's going to be a long night!

... about what I've forgotten.

I made a list in Gandalf the Grey (a.k.a. my Bullet Journal). I checked it off as I packed. I've still got a couple of things I need to sort out but I can't do them until the morning (like hair straighteners). So why do I have that niggling feeling that I've forgotten something really important.

Perhaps it's because a couple of things never made it onto the list. I'm not planning on wearing a big fancy necklace since I'll be wearing my little snowflake one, so I completely forgot about earrings and a bracelet. Until about an hour ago. It's okay. They're packed now.

I think I've got all the essentials. And I know the people I'm going with so if I'm missing something, I'm sure someone else will be able to help me out. Or, y'know, I can nip out into town and grab something.

But that doesn't stop me from starting to overthink things.

... still A Child's History of England.

Yup. Still on it. But I'm about 70% of the way through so I'm hoping to have it finished by next week so I can go on and read the three ebooks released on Pottermore yesterday.


  1. Ah yes, the packing worries. I still remember the time I forgot to pack underwear for a trip. Lists are good.

    1. As far as I can tell I remembered everything, except maybe plasters but they were more of a 'it's nice to have' rather than a 'need' as there's usually someone you can cadge a plaster off of.

      Underwear is kind of an essential. I hope you were able to pick some up when you arrived!

  2. I've read one of the Pottermore books already, they're very short! Fun, though.
    I hate that feeling like you've forgotten something, I get it every time I leave the house! Have a great time :)

    1. I've just started reading my first one. I'm looking forward to starting something short after spending three weeks reading A Child's History of England.

      I had great fun, thanks! :-)


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