Saturday, 26 November 2016

30 miles to go!

This week has seen some crazy cold weather. Temperatures have dipped down as low as -7 at night and there's been frosts so thick that it's looked like it's snowed.

Yesterday the temperature finally rose a little and the frost on the grass outside work actually started to melt a little (for the first time in about three days). All the same, when I was walking Tara home from Kerrycroy, I still ended up crunching over ice as I passed the chapel.

It did slow down my walking rather a little because neither myself nor Mr Click were particularly keen on breaking any bones whilst out walking. Even though it was mostly just frost, there were still some very slippery patches along the way.

All the same, I did manage to walk a fair few miles this week and now I only have 30 miles to go!

So only 7% of the way left to go now.

This morning we took a little walk up to Calvary Pond. They've recently done some work on the path up there, so it's no longer as boggy as it used to be.

Once we reached the top of the slope, Tara managed to tangle her extendable lead around a tree and we had great fun unwrapping her from it. Other than that it was a pretty eventful walk.

And it earned me another 1.33 miles towards Rivendell. I'm so close I can practically smell the libraries!


  1. Well, definitely take it slow, then. Don't want to break any bones!

    1. The weather's become mild again so I'm safe. For now.


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