Wednesday, 30 November 2016


... hence my rather late (and short) blog post this evening.

I've been coming down with a cold and have done something to my shoulder so I've soothed myself by filling our Christmas stocking garland with Celebrations chocolates and working on something for work.

I don't often bring my work home with me, but we're putting together a display and I volunteered to do the lettering for the sign. After starting to write it out on the yellow paper I decided I wasn't happy with how it looked, so I've switched to the lined paper to make a stencil and it'll be black lettering on a yellow background. I think that'll make the colour really stand out.

I just hope I've got enough black paper now!

... tomorrow.

Although I did decorate the tree at work today. A colleague and I went with a red and gold theme and we even got a couple of compliments on it. I think it looks great.

We're decorating the house tomorrow though. I envisage it taking all evening, but I've done a quick recce tonight and located all the decorations, so at least getting them all out shouldn't take too long!

Listening to...
... the wind howling outside!

I'm glad that we decided against going for a walk in it this evening! This is weather when you want to be all snuggled up indoors, with your husband's hoodie on. Which is exactly how I've spent my evening!

What's your weather doing at the moment? And are you decorating for Christmas?

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