Friday, 18 November 2016

Fun With Spam

A couple of years ago I implemented moderated commenting on my blog. It weeds out the nuisance posters and allows me to delete offensive comments, or double-posts where someone's hit the button twice.

Unfortunately it does mean that you guys don't get to see some of the more entertaining comments here on the blog.

Considering I spend a lot of time blogging about infertility and fertility treatments it's not surprising an awful lot of spam postings come from people advertising their fertility clinics in India. Usually it's fairly obvious that the poster hasn't read the post in question (here's a hint, don't begin a comment with 'Congratulations' just because it mentions pregnancy).

Some fall into the word soup category:

I'm not sure what it was about this Frankenstein book review that attracted so many spam posts, but I had dozens of them!

Some of them are rather more concerned about the state of my health, such as this one from another book review post:

You'll notice that one above is also worried about my sex life, but it's okay, because this week's spate of spammers have got that covered too!

Seems like you can get virtual anything these days!


  1. Thank God for the moderation option eh? I noticed another blog I follow got the iStripper treatment this week too. I should thank my lucky stars I don't get too much spam, but I did go through a period of people trying to sell me phones on my Hanging on the Telephone posts and also Autoglass repair ads on another post I can't recall right now

    1. Aw, I'm kind of disappointed that I'm not the only one getting those adverts, hehe. I do wonder how they pick which posts to hit up.

  2. I don't get too much spam. I suppose if I did, I'd moderate my posts. (But then again, it's really easy to delete comments when they come up.) I can't help but wonder why spam exists. Do people really click on these things? Do they generate revenue? (I assume that's why they exist.)

    1. I seem to go through spates of it. Sometimes I hardly get any, then something switches and I get hit with loads.

      I do wonder how successful they are. I can't believe many people fall for them.


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