Wednesday, 31 May 2017


... sore.

It's all because of that little beauty up there.

That's my Clexane injection (the blood thinner) which is in a very funky preloaded syringe. Now I like the format of this, even though for the first few days I was convinced I wasn't doing in properly because you can't actually see the liquid going in. Also when you get to the end of the injection this outer tube comes down to cover the needle. It's clever.

The needle is pretty thin and although it's fairly painless going in (once you've broken the skin at least) but the solution burns and stings like crazy. It actually brings tears to my eyes (whereas in the past the tears normally come before when I'm trying to mix up the injectables).

I don't know where I went wrong this evening, perhaps I pressed in a little too hard, perhaps I hit a spot I've hit before, perhaps it was just bad luck. I managed to make myself bleed with this one.

I'm now sporting a lovely plaster on my bloated belly.

... slowly crazy.

It's so frustrating not knowing what's happening in your own body, especially when everything that could be a pregnancy symptom can also be a side effect of the meds you're on.

After having five days off work (four of which were full days post transfer) I was getting kind of ready to go back. Not so much because I wanted to work, but because I thought being out of the house would help take my mind off things.

I don't really think it has. Now I'm wondering whether my computer chair is to blame for my backache and the fact that come lunchtime today and yesterday my belly has bloated up so badly I've had to unbutton my trousers (thank goodness for long tops)!

... by (attempting to) keep calm and colour unicorns.

Thus far I've completed two unicorn pictures and I'm working on a third, this time in rainbow colours:

I spent a good chunk of last Thursday, Friday and some of Saturday working on that one on the left. I'm not sure it really succeeded in taking my mind off of things, but it was good to have something to focus on. I also like that each page has an inspiring quote on it.

I'm planning on heading to bed in a minute (because I'm exhausted) and entertaining myself with a little more unicorn colouring while with watch The Dukes of Hazzard. Hopefully I'll have a rainbow unicorn to share in an upcoming blog post.


  1. Definitely get your mind on something else. Worrying about it won't help.

  2. Cool unicorns. I’m really hoping this all works out for you.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  3. Sounds like you've had an exhausting few days. Here's to hoping things get a bit better!

  4. The coloring book is really cute. I bought my daughter a scary clown adult coloring book for her birthday this month. She loves those things.

    1. I find it really relaxing, just chilling with a colouring book. I'm not sure I'd fancy a scary clown one though! ;-)


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