Friday, 12 May 2017

The Lost Library Card

I recently joined a book club because the one thing I need more of is excuses to read books. I've been involved in book clubs before, mostly online and I always enjoy finding new authors and books that way; it was how I came to fall in love with To Kill A Mockingbird and Neil Gaiman.

Once the first book was selected I planned to buy my own copy for a little while but I'm trying to get fewer books at the moment since I don't really have space for the ones I've already got. Then it was time to consider the ebook version but by that time I'd alighted on a better idea.

Check it out of the library!

It's been quite a while since I'd been there, which I've always felt kind of guilty about since I used to be in and out of the place. So many places are losing their libraries and I'd hate for something to happen to ours, all the more reason to actually use it!

Armed with a plan, I went onto the library catalogue website and ran a little search. Sure enough they had the book, but it was out on loan until next week. No fear, I thought, I'll just reserve it for myself afterwards.

Now, our library system uses your library card as your login. I pulled out my purse to retrieve the card, but it wasn't there. Other places it wasn't included the bottom of my bag, the top of my bookcase and the cupboards beside my chair.

And that was when it dawned on me. I knew exactly where my library card would be.

You see, the last time I actually planned to go to the library was a good couple of years ago. I decided I would nip to the library on the way home from work, since I was walking by it anyway. Wanting to keep my library card close at hand, I stuck the card between the pages of my book as a bookmark.

Well, one thing lead to another and I didn't go to the library. I finished the book and set it aside, but never actually removed the 'bookmark' from it.

This means that somewhere in one of the boxes of books upstairs, sandwiched between the pages, is my poor old abandoned library card.

Luckily I finished work early this afternoon so was able to stop into the library and I'm not the proud owner of a shiny new book passport:

And I won't be using this one as a bookmark!


  1. You are lucky you don't have a lot of room for books because you would just fill it up! We are in the process of purging and have several hundred books we need to get rid of. (Hard because many of them are some of my best friends).

    We have been boxing them up.. Keepers, Donate, Garage Sale. If you think of a title, check with me. I'll mail it to you but be warned; I am an underliner and margin commenter!

    Thanks for checking out my A to Z!

    1. What little room I have is already filled up! I could definitely do with a purge of my own. I've managed to select about five books to get rid of so far, which I suppose is a start, hehe.

      Thanks for the offer of more books, though. I as quickly as I get rid of them, more seem to come to me. I've also got a few books with margin comments and underlines in them. ;-)

  2. Well, at least you remembered what happened to it :)

    1. Hehe, yeah. If only I could have remembered where it had ended up!

  3. Well done! Rejoining that is, not losing the card in the first place which is totally shocking.

    1. I did think of you while I was writing this post and I thought you'd be less than impressed at me losing the card. At least I'm a proper member of our local library again now, and I intend to get plenty of use out of it this time! ;-)

  4. I don't even need a card at my library--just my last name. I found that out when I forgot mine--again. They are such patient people at my library.

  5. Hi Click - good to meet you and thank you for commenting on my update re Rare Breeds - those additional snippets.

    I have a library card - which even though I pass regularly I rarely use - so much to read here ... which I must get to ... but well done and that will encourage you I hope to visit and see what's on offer. Cheers Hilary

  6. Oh I miss going to the library. There is something so magical about the library. I hope you make good use of it!


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