Thursday, 11 May 2017

Mini Mischief

Thank you for all the birthday messages! I'm still getting caught up on comments after the A to Z Challenge (hopefully I'll have made it as far as my Z post by the end of this month) but I have read all the comments on my birthday post. :-D

Obviously, I had a fantastic day. It was wonderfully relaxed, which was just what I needed. As I mentioned, there was a definite theme to the day; Knitting and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them so I decided to combine the two by knitting some fantastic beasts of my own.

Namely, my Mischief; Dodger, Fezziwig, Jingle and Pocket.

I started off with Mini!Fez because I had the perfect yarn for his fur and I also needed to get the hang of where I would need to change colours for my more complicated rats.

And I finished up with Mini!Pocket:

As Pocket is a Himalayan I had to work out how many rows I would need to do to get the colouring right on his nose and bum. I think I got his nose spot on but may have done a row too many on his backside.

Dodger and Jingle were a little tricky to get their eyes right on since they're black and they pretty much went invisible once they were sewn on. I had great fun sewing up Dodger's black stripe on his back, though I overdid the stuffing a little and he turned out bigger than Fezziwig!

It wasn't until after I'd got them all knitted and their tails sewn on that I realised that I'd basically spend the day knitting little rat-coloured tampons!



  1. LOL! Now you need to put them next to their doppelgangers to see how well you did.

    1. I did introduce them but they seemed more interested in eating their mini-mes than anything else!

  2. Happy belated Birthday ... looks like you had a good time with friends!! Clever ... and that last sentence made me laugh ... cheers Hilary

  3. Click,

    Aren't these the cutest little yarn mice!! You did a fabulous job. I wish I could do something like this but I'm afraid I'd harm myself or someone in the process. lol Happy belated birthday to you! ;)

    ~Curious as a Cathy


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